The Best Abu Dhabi Summer Camps of 2017 |

The Best Abu Dhabi Summer Camps of 2017

Find a summer camp for your little ones in Abu Dhabi this summer and make it one to remember for them

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6 February 2014

Last updated on 18 December 2017
The Best Abu Dhabi Summer Camps of 2017

There are always lots of Summer Camps in Abu Dhabi for the kids and here we've got a round up of the best ones for you. You can get your kids doing everything from learning new languages to taking up a new sport and everything in between.

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We are adding to the list as we find the information for you, so do pop back if you don't find what you need right now.

ExpatWoman Recommended Camps | Camps Around Abu Dhabi

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ExpatWoman Recommended Camps

EW Favourite Summer Camp

Redwood Montessori Nursery

Redwood Nursery is a Montessori inspired nursery school. They accept children aged between 4 months and 4 years old and have a range of full time and part time options to meet the needs of you and your child. They're part of Kids First Group.
Dates: July 2 to August 24
Ages: 4 months to 8 years 
Redwood Montessori Nursery

EW Favourite Summer Camp

Odyssey Nursery 

Odyssey Nursery is dedicated to providing a quality Early Childhood Education experience for your child in a loving and stimulating environment.

Dates: July 2 - August 31
Ages: 4 months - 7 years old

Odessy Nursery

EW Favourite Summer Camp

Ladybird Nursery

Ladybird Nursery is a well established and one of the oldest nurseries in Abu Dhabi. 

Dates: July 2 - August 31
Ages: 2 monhts to 7 years old

Ladybird Nursery

Camps Around Abu Dhabi

Happynest Playhouse

Summer Camp
Happynest is a kid-centric, parent-friendly enrichment centre and indoor playground. Refreshingly far away from the chaos of traditional playrooms that engage in random play, Happynest creates an inviting childhood-meets-neighborhood oasis.

Dates: June 25 – September 7
Ages: 2 – 8 years old

Teddy Bear Nursery 

Teddy’s Summer Camp
Teddy Bear American Nursery is where play is a priority on your child’s educational journey of discovery, learning, exploration and fun!

Dates: July 2 – August 24
Ages: 6 months – 4 years old

Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort

Superheroes Kids Camp
Forget about video games this summer, instead let your little ones solve problems and enjoy recreational activities Plus, one parent gets FREE resort access during camp hours so you can sit back and relax while your child is getting creative!

Dates: 2nd July - 7th September
Ages: 4 - 14 years old

Aldebaran Training Institute

Summer Camp
Let your little ones enjoy fun-filled activities with Aldebaran this summer. There'll be group singing, arts and crafts, music and indoor games. Plus, there'll be wonder science, field trips, clay modelling and cooking without fire!

Dates: 28th June - 28th August

Abu Dhabi Countr Club & Sports School

Kids Summer Camp
From May to August, girls and boys will have the chance to participate in swimming, basketball, football, Taekwondo, hip-hop, Zumba, fitness, dodgeball, games, cooking and so much more. 

Dates: 28th May - 31st August
Ages: 4 - 12 years old

Noah's Ark Nursery

Summer Fun
From June to August, let your little ones enjoy eight weeks of exhilarating fun-filled activities to ensure their summer break is one to remember.

Dates: 28th June - 24th August

Expressions of Dance & Drama

Summer Camp
Your little ones can join in the range of activities on offer at Expressions of Dance & Drama in Abu Dhabi; including ballet, musical theatre, hip-hop, jazz, Zumba and modern dance. Help them to discover their inner artist with this fun-fille camp!

Dates: 21st June - 31st July 

Computer Explorers

Minecraft Tech Revolution Summer Camp
Promising to deliver a high-quality computing curriculum to tech savvy kids, Computer Explorers' summer camp blends all sorts of skills for your child. These skills for the future include ethical hacking, programming, Andriod app development as well as creative coding and imaginative gaming design. This program is straight from MIT. 

Dates: 25th June - 8th September
Ages: 6 - 14 years old

Ritz Kids at Ritz Carlton

Summer Camp
Your little ones can enjoy themed weeks throughout summer, with Creative Week, Environment Week, Around the World, Wellness Week and more. There'll be a mixture of indoor and outdoor sports, games, and wellness week is all about embracing a healthy lifestyle and staying fit. 

Dates: 5th July - 6h August

Little World

Destination Discovery Summer Camp
Let your children discover through the physical, naturla world around us AND explore the digital science and technology worlds we've created. 

Dates: 25th June - 8th September
Ages: 4 - 10 years old

The Little Gym of Abu Dhabi

Day Camp
A day at The Little Gym of Abu Dhabi gives your kid the summer camp experience without the bug bites, poison ivy and week-long commitments. Combining fun physical activity, games, and arts & crafts, help your child beat the summer heat by staying cool at The Little Gym. 

Ages: 3 - 12 years old

The Mall at World Trade Center

Summer Camp
Kids can beat the heat at a fun-packed camp in one of Abu Dhabi's top malls. The mall has joined forces with KoolKidz, Primal Gym and The Art Hub to provide a packed programme of events to educate and entertain young minds. There'll be a whole host of sports, art classes and other entertaining activities. 

Dates: 9th July - 17th August


Summer Camp
Kids can enjoy lessons so they don't lose their knowledge of mathematical computational skills during the summer holidays. There's different options available: which include mastering a certain topic, enhancing skills or preparing for upcoming SATs exams. 

Dates: July 23rd onward
Ages: 6 - 17 years old

Summer Camps in Abu Dhabi 2017

BOUNCE Tramp Camp

Summer Camp
Tramp Campers will have the chance to kick-start their day at BOUNCE with mini olympics, in which they'll enjoy a race, Olympic run, capture the flag and balloon popping. After a refreshment break, they'll be able to take on the wall, shoot some hoops, flip into the airbag or just freestyle on the huge BOUNCE free jump area. 

Dates: 2nd July - 31st August
Ages: 5+ years

City Football Schools

Summer Camp
The camps will give both boys and girls the chance to improve their football skills, stay health, make friends and have lots of fun in a positive and friendly learning environment under the supervision and guidance of fully-qualified City Football coaches. 

Dates: 25th June - 13th July
Ages: 5 - 12 years old

Art Beat UAE

Summer Camp
Your little ones will have chance to enjoy glass painting, clay modelling, candle decorating, arts and crafts, decoupage, jewellery making, recycling craft projects and more at Art Beat UAE.

Dates: 25th June - 7th September
Ages: 4 - 12 years old

Hiltonia Summer Camp

Summer Camp
At the Hilton Abu Dhabi this summer, your kids will have the chance to explore and enjoy activities like treasure hunts, day trips and tennis and water sports. For those who like to stay indoors safe from the heat, there'll also be quiz games, cooking classes, face-painting and arts and crafts sessions. 

Dates: 25th June - 31st August
Ages: 4 - 12 years old

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