Interview: We Spoke to Olly Murs Ahead of His Abu Dhabi Debut |

Interview: We Spoke to Olly Murs Ahead of His Abu Dhabi Debut

We had the chance to speak to the cheeky chap himself ahead of his debut performance in Abu Dhabi for his 2017 Spring Tour

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16 April 2017

Last updated on 29 May 2017
Interview: We Spoke to Olly Murs Ahead of His Abu Dhabi Debut

As one of the most highly anticipated events on Abu Dhabi's calendar this events season, fans are no doubt extremely excited to see Olly Murs' return to the UAE.

He's one of the biggest stars to come out of Britain in recent years, and this will be the first time he's performed in the Capital as part of his 2017 Spring Tour.

2016 was an incredible year for Olly, which saw him celebrate his latest and fourth successive No.1 Album ’24 HRS’, becoming the most successful solo artist ever to come from the UK’s X Factor series.

Ahead of his debut in the Capital, we had the chance to ask the man himself some questions, and if you still want to get to know him a bit better, here's 15 facts you probably didn't know about Olly

We'd just like to say welcome back. You were of course last here three years ago... How does it feel to be back in the UAE? 
Hi there! I am looking forward to coming back. Has it been three years?? I loved Dubai, so am hoping I will love Abu Dhabi just as much - I have heard great things! 

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You've now secured the title as the most successfuly solo artist to emerge from the X Factor. Tell us the first thing you think or feel when you're reminded of that.
It's an amazing stat, and one I'm very proud of. It feels very surreal actually, as I never imagined I'd be around 8 years after I auditioned for X Factor, let alone get the chance to travel the world and release 5 albums. 

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I think us and everyone else LOVES You Don't Know Love... What was your inspiration behind 24 HRS?
Thank you! I am very proud of the single, and the album 24 HRS. I had just broken up with my girlfriend of 3 years when I first went into the studio, so I definitely drew a lot of inspiration from how I was feeling at that time. When you go through a break-up you go through a lot of emotions - missing them, questioning whether you should have broken up, and then moving on and going on to enjoy yourself so all of that was put into this album - a rollercoaster of emotions and songs! 

Out of every song you've ever released... Which one is your absolute favourite?
Oooh that's a very hard one. Maybe Dear Darlin' because it was a song that was released quite far into an album campaign, and I really had faith that the record would connect with people and it did. It is a very special song to me, and one I always love hearing the crowd sing. 

You once performed with The Muppets...Is Miss Piggy really that much of a diva? Who's your favourite?
Haha, yes I performed Dance With Me Tonight on the X Factor with The Muppets, which was a really fun TV performance. It was very surreal talking to Miss Piggy, as she was totally in character the whole time. It was weird, but I loved it! She's a complete flirt ;) 

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Did your failure on Deal or No Deal back in 2007 inspire you to pursue a music career? 
I think it definitely inspired me to make more of my life. It wasn't about money for me though, as that's not why I went onto Deal or No Deal - it was to do something drastic to pull me out of my normal 9 to 5 life in Essex, and try and change my future. I think doing so miserably on the show definitely gave me a burning desire to turn things around, which I may not have had if I'd won loads of money. 

A lot of our readers live away from their families. How do you cope with missing loved ones while touring?
I have only been travelling around the UK and Ireland this year, so it's been easy to have my friends and family come and visit at weekends. I've had my mates up every weekend to be honest, which has been great - and it keeps me grounded. It's important to me to share my crazy life with them. 

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Any tips to share for the young, ambitious singers and artists here in the UAE?
I would say that you've got to have a thick skin, and a lot of determination. It's one thing having the desire to be a singer or be successful, but you've got to be prepared to put the work in and have the confidence to keep going!! 

Facts about Olly Murs

Quick 10 with Olly Murs

1. Sweet or sour? Sweet

2. Hot weather or cold weather? Hot

3. Coca Cola or Pepsi? I don't drink fizzy drinks really, but probably Coca Cola

4. Kermit the Frog or Animal? Animal - he played the drums on TV with me once, but Kermit was too busy ;)

5. Left or right? Right - right handed, right footed!!

6. Apple or banana? Banana

7. Red or blue? Red - the colour of my football team, Manchester Unitedddddd

8. Liverpool or Leeds United? Will have to say Leeds, as Liverpool are our arch enemies in football

9. Calum Scott or Zayn Malik? Tough one, both lovely guys but will have to say Zayn - we toured together in the US when I supported One Direction, so I know Zayn better

10. Dubai or London? Dubai for the weather, but will have to say London because it's home

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