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Mass Weddings In Abu Dhabi Will Cause Traffic On Thursday

Authorities tell Abu Dhabi residents to be patient and to find alternative routes

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15 November 2018

Last updated on 15 November 2018
Mass Weddings

For those commuting to Abu Dhabi today

Several weddings are expected to happen in the capital today as Abu Dhabi hosts a mass wedding for a dozen couples.

The mass wedding started on Wednesday but is expected to continue till today for the remaining couples who are tying the knot in Abu Dhabi.

This year, the Crown Prince Court is sponsoring 12 couples in total at the Al Bateen Majlis from 4pm on Wednesday.

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And on Thursday, an additional 20 couples will be wed at Al Manhal Majlis near Sheikh Zayed Medical City – authorities are urging motorists to be patient and to find alternative routes if heavy traffic occurs.

Mass weddings in the UAE

Mass weddings are not unusual in the UAE as the Crown Prince Court hosts and sponsors several weddings at once for those couples who cannot afford a wedding otherwise.

It helps the couples reduce their wedding expenses while still organizing a celebratory event for the couples and families to enjoy.

This long-lived tradition was started by the late Sheikh Zayed who wanted to help families celebrate modesty while lessening the cost of the wedding celebrations on UAE nationals.

They are usually held during the winter time to avoid the extreme heat and humidity so that the couples can enjoy it to the fullest.

As well as, the ruler of the emirate hosting the sponsored weddings may make a surprise visit to congratulate the newlyweds in that emirate.

Even though close to 32 couples are tying the knot in Abu Dhabi this winter, this isn’t the largest mass weddings in the UAE’s history – back in March, 175 couples were wed in Ras Al Khaimah.

To avoid future debt

One of the main reason behind these mass weddings is the debt accumulated by young couples who are getting married in the UAE.

These mass weddings hope to lessen the financial burden on these newlyweds and stir them onto a successful path in the country.

Zayed University conducted a study back in 2017 and found that the average cost of an Emirati wedding comes close to AED683,000 – this includes the wedding, the parties, engagement and dowries.

And it is usually paid by the groom’s family.

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