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A Guide to the Best Schools in Abu Dhabi: West Yas Academy

Discover Yas American Academy (formally West Yas Academy), a premier school offering a globally recognised standard of excellence in learning

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17 August 2022

Last updated on 9 October 2023
A Guide to the Best Schools in Abu Dhabi: Yas American Academy

A brief look into Yas American Academy in Abu Dhabi.

Yas American Academy (formerly West Yas Academy) students follow the renowned Massachusetts State Curriculum which offers a dynamic and challenging approach to learning. Because the school isn't bound to an old-fashioned, restrictive syllabus, they are able to develop their content and pedagogy to match the needs and interests of students here, now and in the future.

The school develops aptitudes and abilities in the usual broad range of disciplines but also specialise in creative technologies such as Engineering, Computing, Robotics, Electronics, and Art.

Their students learn calculus but also cookery, English but also entrepreneurship. The High School Diploma they obtain is welcomed in universities around the world, and the skills and attitudes they develop are solid foundations for life.

1.) World Leading Sporting Opportunities

Yas American Academy are proud to boast some of the very best sporting facilities and leading experts Abu Dhabi has to offer. Students can participate in both recreational and competitive sports such as soccer, basketball, swimming, and track and field.

2.) Gateway to the Very Best US Universities

2022 sees the first year of Yas American Academy Graduates. The Class of 2022 have secured places in some of the very best US universities such as Drexel University, Howard University, Spelman College, Syracuse University, Tuskegee University and Virginia Tech.

3.) Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

Enterprise skills enable Yas American Academy students to recognise commercial opportunities. The school teaches them these skills, whilst nurturing their self‐esteem to give them the confidence and knowledge to act.

What is Yas American Academy's Curriculum?

The American Massachusetts State Curriculum is the most highly regarded of all study programmes in the United States. With close ties to prestigious universities such as Harvard and MIT, it stands above other curricula for its rigorous, comprehensive, and forward-thinking design.

It’s considered to be more demanding – and therefore more rewarding – than the American Common Core Curriculum.

Students at Yas American Academy work towards the American High School Diploma, which is the standard qualification to enter leading US universities and colleges. The diploma is also increasingly being recognised by other leading higher education institutes across the world.

What Are the Facilities Like?

Yas American Academy boasts a wide range of sporting facilities for activities both during and after school. The dedicated arts facilities allow students to explore their creative sides, while an extremely well-resourced library supports academic studies.

As the premier school of choice on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, the school regularly utilises links to the many attractions situated here and works in collaboration with them to enhance their engaging 21st-century curriculum.

Students have opportunities to work on projects such as the F1 in Schools Program with Yas Marina Circuit, for example.


What Are the Fees Like at Yas American Academy?

Information regarding the latest school fees at Yas American Academy can be found HERE.

Can I Book a Tour?

Yes, you can book a tour today if you are interested in finding out more about what Yas American Academy has to offer your family.

To contact the school directly or to speak to a member of the Yas American Academy team, simply get in touch below.

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Yas American Academy
At Yas American Academy (formerly West Yas Academy), which is located on Yas Island, we follow the prestigious American Massachusetts State Curriculum. We are proud to boast state of the art facilities and a learning culture that is student-centred, enabling students to make phenomenal progress through inquiry-based learning and project-based classrooms. By exposing and challenging students to solve authentic real-world problems, we will empower them with the needed skills to be active change-makers, positioning them to engage with the challenges the 21st-century will present.

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