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16 of the Best #OnlyInAbuDhabi Moments

The Capital certainly provides us with memorable experiences we can find here, here's 16 of our favourites

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9 February 2017

Last updated on 18 May 2017
16 of the Best #OnlyInAbuDhabi Moments
As the Capital of the UAE, it's only right to expect the highest of standards while living in Abu Dhabi.

But between all of the glitz and glam of gold plated cars and gold sprinkles on food and drinks, there's actually some unusual circumstances and things you may never have witnessed elsewhere in the world... Until you moved to Abu Dhabi. 

So here's 16 of our favourite #OnlyInAbuDhabi moments shared by residents and tourists alike online. 

1. Gold sprinkled on a coffee...


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2. A truck... Carrying ostriches... With socks on their heads...

3. Camels are our road neighbours...


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4. Men taking their boat to work... On the road...


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5. You are reminded of the importance of healthy and safety in alternative ways.


A photo posted by Sabrina Belletti (@s.belletti) on

6. Yes, ATMs sell gold here.

7. Weekend getaways include visiting amazing places like this...


A photo posted by Farrah Abdullah (@farracheetah) on

8. You can view the world's largest vehicle!


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9. Super cars are wrapped in gold...


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10. Meet mermaids at luxury hotels


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11. Yes, birds even fly in style...


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12. People travel to work... By segway?


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13. You can travel in style at the golf course.


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14. A little wind can cause havoc on the roads.

15. Only in Abu Dhabi, can you see the world's largest cookie-shaped building...


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16. ...and one of the world's largest mosques.


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