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17 Signs You Live in Abu Dhabi

Whether you've lived here for one year or ten years, there are plenty of tell-tale signs that you live in the UAE's Capital!

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12 May 2016

Last updated on 28 May 2017
17 Signs You Live in Abu Dhabi

From erratic driving standards, to ridiculous amounts of iPhones and the comfort of answering your mobile phone in the cinema... These are but a few of some signs that you reside in Abu Dhabi. Capital of the UAE, this place certainly has some admirable traits, but there are a few habits that residents here tend to pick up. 

And we're all guilty of it each of them - don't deny it. 

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So to provide you with some entertainment and somewhat self realisation, we've gathered seventeeen of the best points that truly sum up life in Abu Dhabi.