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5 Reasons Why the UAE is a Top Expat Destination

As the UAE is extremely popular with expats, here's a look at the reasons behind it.

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21 June 2016

Last updated on 16 July 2017
5 Reasons Why the UAE is a Top Expat Destination

Research into where UK residents are seeking to make their new homes has shown that the the UAE is the third best place for Britons to move to. We have of course taken a look and gathered the reasons at why it isn't exactly surprising that the United Arab Emirates came third. 

The ranking comes out of information gathered by job site Indeed, which 1 in 10 Britons are using to seek new roles overseas. 

While beaten to first and second place by the United States of America and France, third place for the UAE is still a fantastic position to be in. 

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Although are we surprised, really? Not only are Britons - and nationalities from all over the world - lured to the UAE by promises of sunshine and tax breaks, there are plenty of other reasons why expats relocating are choosing our sandy concrete jungle. So much so in fact, that less than 10 per cent of the population are Emirati, and the remaining 90 per cent or so are made up of expats. 

Here are our reasons as to why the UAE is the perfect spot for expats moving abroad.

Why the UAE is a top expat destination

The lifestyle offers the best of both worlds 

The UAE is home to cities that are considered as two of the most luxurious cities in the world; from the cultural heritage, wealth and dominating architecture of the country's Capital, Abu Dhabi, to the New York-esque skyscrapers, multiple beaches and lavish malls... An expat can truly spoil themselves quite easily.

Flip the coin to the other side however, and residents in the country can enjoy luxurious experiences but for a budget price. You'll often find reasonably priced restaurants located in extremely high end locations, suiting to everyone's budgets. In the malls, you'll find stores that attract anyone and everyone, and their wallets. 

Yes, it's a tax-free lifestyle

While there are current talks about introducting VAT and income tax, this won't be anything near what Britons and Americans and other citixens from tax-heavy countries experience at home. A large amount of money can be saved tactfully by expats living here due to the tax free salaries and cheap foods, restaurants and products. 

Work hard.... Play hard

We assure you, you'll never bet at a loss for something to do on a weekend in the UAE. Regardless of which of the seven emirates you live in - Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain or even Fujairah for example - there's always an activity or new experience or place to visit and try out. 

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From the beautiful mountain of Jebel Hafeet in Al Ain, to the recognisable Snoopy Island in Fujairah, the mangroves in Abu Dhabi or one of Dubai's many public beaches, there's plenty of excursions and road trips to try every weekend.

Not forgetting the number of malls, shops, restaurants and bars to visit if you ever feel like it. 

It's in a perfect location 

Thanks to the country's location, the UAE offers fantastic weather all year round, that very rarely drops below 20 degrees celsius. Throw sandy beaches, lukewarm water and clear skies on top of that for a large majority of the year, and you'll find yourself with Instagram-worthy views, skylines and selfies. 

Not only that, the country is situated in a prime location for travellers. On a daily basis, there are many, many flights jetting to and from the huge airports situated here, and there's more and more added all of the time to new destinations for expats to explore. Plus, commutes to incredible destinations like Phuket, the Seychelles and Kenya are becoming cheaper and quicker than ever. 

Why the UAE is a great expat destination

We promise, your weekends, your Eid breaks and your summer holidays will never be the same again. 

It will be absolutely brilliant for your CV

Relocating and finding a job in a foreign country will always be an impressive feature on any CV. The experience itself will serve you great benefits both professionally and personally, and will most definitely put you ahead of your previous peers in your field. 

Not only will you have the chance to excel in your chosen career, you'll find plenty of job opportunities are available if ever you fancy changing your job or learning a new skill set. 

Plus, due to the large number of expatriates living across the country, the networking possibilities are endless and so much more fruitful than what you may have experienced before. You'll have the opportunity to meet a large variety of different people, of all ages, all nationalities, all religions and all skills.