Croutique: Your Go-To For Gifts and Handmade Items |

Croutique: Your Go-To For Gifts and Handmade Items

Don't be stuck when shopping for gifts in Abu Dhabi... Introducing Croutique, our new website that will bring the best of crafters

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13 November 2016

Last updated on 17 December 2017
Croutique: Your Go-To For Gifts and Handmade Items

No longer will you be stuck when shopping for gifts in Abu Dhabi as we've got the perfect website for you! Croutique is our new marketplace featuring handmade, quirky and boutique gift items for those times when you want to send a truly one-of-a-kind gift to a loved one, or really want to treat yourself!


We've also built close ties with the crafting community in Abu Dhabi through, and our talented crafters have been taking part in our events for over a decade. Now, we really wanted to give them, and you, an online platform to be able to buy their wares all year round. 

We also want to show our support for small boutiques and small businesses across the UAE, and give them a state-of-the-art marketplace for them to showcase their products to you and to show you some really great and unique things to buy. 

We know as expats, you're always sending gifts home so don't miss those birthdays and celebrations with your loved ones and families... Now they can shop for you too, on on ipad

Spread the word to them that they can now shop with confidence, on a local UAE site that will deliver gifts directly to you. There’s no need for them to wait till you come and visit anymore to give you your gifts, we’ve provided the perfect solution for them to make sure they don’t miss receiving gifts on your days of celebration.

You’ll find lots of different categories of fab things to buy on the website including homewares, jewellery, fashion accessories, as well as being able to shop by occasion, like weddings, new baby, teacher gifts and more.

We’re increasing the number of boutiques every day as we find new goodies for you. We’re also looking for crafters and boutiques that offer personalisation and customisation of their products so you can bespoke order and buy something truly unique.

So, if you’re wanting to shop quirky, shop handmade and shop unique… Visit Croutique today!

How do I become a seller?
If you're a crafter or boutique and wish to become a seller on Croutique, please email [email protected] for more information.

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