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Abrahamic Family House in the UAE: What to Know Before You Visit

Your guide to the UAE's Abrahamic Family House, including where is it, visitor rules, what to expect, and more

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17 February 2023

Last updated on 17 February 2023
Visitor's Guide to the UAE's Abrahamic House

Image credits: forhumanfraternity.org

The new, inter-faith venue is dedicated to promoting harmonious coexistence among religious followers from different backgrounds.

What is the UAE's Abrahamic Family House?

The Abrahamic Family House is a multi-faith compound located in Abu Dhabi, and it features a mosque, church, and synagogue.

It was built to promote mutual understanding, tolerance, and respect among followers from diverse religious backgrounds and work together to achieve common goals.

"As the Abrahamic Family House in Abu Dhabi is inaugurated, we remain committed to harnessing the power of mutual respect, understanding and diversity to achieve shared progress," said UAE President, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, on his official Twitter account.

Who can visit the Abrahamic Family House?

The Abrahamic Family House in the UAE will be open to all visitors from different beliefs and backgrounds, starting 1st March 2023 from 10 AM.

Entry is free to both UAE residents and visitors, but prior booking must be made in advance.

Where to book a visit to the Abrahamic Family House?

You can book your visit to the UAE's Abrahamic Family House online through the official website. Visitor registrations will open from March 1.

Can I join a tour?

The Abrahamic Family House will host near 1-hour long tours available in either English or Arabic.

Tours will be available from Tuesdays to Saturdays, between 11 AM to 7 PM.

Dress code at the Abrahamic Family House

Before you visit the Abrahamic Family House in Abu Dhabi, it's important to know that all visitors must follow a dress code.

Male visitors must wear trousers that cover their knees and should not wear shirts that expose their shoulders.

Women are required to cover their hair while inside the compound. In case a female visitor doesn't have a scarf they can use to cover up, they will be provided one at the premises.

What is the dress code at the UAE Abrahamic Family House

About the mosque, church and synagogue

There are three places of worship at the Abrahamic Family House, dedicated to the branches of Islam, Christianity/Catholicism, and Judaism: Imam Al Tayeb Mosque, St. Francis Church, and Moses Ben Maimon Synagogue.

The mosque is named after Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed El-Tayeb, Grand Imam of Al Azhar.

The church is based after Pope Francis, Head of the Catholic Church, the bishop of Rome and sovereign of the Vatican City State.

The synagogue's name references Moses Ben Maimon, a 12th century Jewish philosopher and Torah scholar of the Middle Ages.

Abrahamic Family House cultural centre

In addition to the three places of worship, the Abrahamic Family House also features a cultural centre that focuses on human fraternity, solidarity, and harmonious coexistence among religions.

Are visitors allowed to worship at the Abrahamic Family House?

Yes, visitors are allowed to attend a prayer meeting, religious service or community gathering at the mosque, church, and synagogue.

Do I need to book my slot to worship?

While you'll need to book your visit to the Abrahamic Family House in advance, worshippers are not required to book entry into the religious premises itself (mosque, church and synagogue).

Worshippers are instead requested to enter the venue through specific entrances.

Can I attend a religious service even if it's not of my own faith?

Visitors from different religious backgrounds are welcome to attend as a guest to any faith services outside of their own (e.g. Muslim visitors are allowed to attend a Christian mass or gathering at St. Francis Church as a guest, and vice versa).

For more information about the Abrahamic Family House, please visit forhumanfraternity.org