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A Complete List of Where to Go Cycling in Abu Dhabi

A round-up of bicycle routes in Abu Dhabi for all skill-levels, from beginner riders to seasoned cyclists

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1 June 2023

Last updated on 2 June 2023
Cycling in Abu Dhabi: Bicycle Routes for All Skill Levels

Ride along any of Abu Dhabi's bicycle-friendly or dedicated cycling routes.

While UAE cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai are mostly built towards streetscapes, the country's roads are very slowly becoming more friendly towards bicycle riders.

Contrary to popular belief, there's a good number of places in Abu Dhabi where you can enjoy a good bicycle ride.

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Pedal your way near the beach, through a park or around the UAE capital with our complete list of where to go cycling in Abu Dhabi.

1. Corniche boardwalk

You can either bring your own bicycle or rent one to ride from any of the bike rental stands at Corniche in Abu Dhabi. This spot has a long boardwalk for smooth rides with refreshing views of the waters.

Where to go cycling in Abu Dhabi | Corniche boardwalk

2. Al Ain Zoo

Take a ride on the wild side with Al Ain Zoo's new mountain biking experience, with rugged tracks for experienced mountain bikers as well as beginner terrains for beginners and younger cyclists. Open from Sunday to Thursday (10AM-6PM) for mountain bicycles and tricycles), and Friday to Saturday (7AM-6PM) for mountain bikes and tricycles (1PM-7PM).

For more information, visit alainzoo.ae or call 800 966.

Best places for cycling in Abu Dhabi | Al Ain Zoo

3. Al Wathba Cycle Track

Enjoy open-air cycling on a desert route dedicated just for riders at Al Wathba Cycle Track. This is a great place to go cycling in Abu Dhabi for all skill levels, from those just starting out and are trying to find their balance, to experienced pros training for their next race. There are 8km, 16km, 20km, 22km, and 30km-long cycling routes to try, open everyday from 11AM to 11PM.

Abu Dhabi Cycling Tracks | Al Watcha Cycling Track

4. Yas Marina Circuit

Although the Yas Marina Circuit is geared towards Formula One racing, Abu Dhabi's favourite sports venue is also open to cycling sessions and even running/jogging.

Best places to ride a bike in Abu Dhabi | Yas Marina Circuit

5. Al Hudayriat Island

Al Hudayriat Island has plenty of opportunities for beach and sports activities such as volleyball and cycling. Head over with your bike (or rent a bicycle for AED 50 per hour) to the Leisure and Entertainment District for 5-10km dedicated cycling tracks.

Enjoy breezy sea views on one side, the cityscape on the other, and cool down with a pit stop by the food trucks. Open everyday from 8AM to 7PM.

Where to go cycling in Abu Dhabi | Al Hudayriat Island

6. Jebel Hafit

For seasoned cyclists, the Jebel Hafit mountain in Abu Dhabi rewards those with the stamina with gorgeous views of the emirate at incredible heights, including Al Ain's picturesque greenery.

Challenging bicycle routes in Abu Dhabi | Jebel Hafit mountain

7. Al Ain Oasis

Enjoy a beautiful bicycle ride beneath the shade of palm trees while surrounded by Al Ain's natural gardens. Their modern tracks are suitable for all skill levels.

Best places to go for a bicycle ride in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain