How to Rent a PO Box in Abu Dhabi |

How to Rent a PO Box in Abu Dhabi

There are many different options avaliable for getting your mail, here is a list of them...

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24 July 2013

Last updated on 11 December 2017
How to Rent a PO Box in Abu Dhabi

Despite the increased use of emails and SMS, the traditional postal service is still in use as a preferred method of communication for many people worldwide. UAE post offices handle hundreds of thousands of mails daily, delivered to both nationals and citizens across the UAE.

Currently, all mail goes to P.O. Boxes at various post office locations. Many residents have their mail delivered to their company's post office box and collected daily by company representatives who deliver it to their employees. Your address is normally accepted with the company's P.O. Box in the UAE.

UAE nationals and residents living in Abu Dhabi and Dubai can benefit from newly launched P.O. Box services which offer door-to-door mail delivery. The service will be expanded to other UAE emirates at a later stage.
Individuals Bundles

The P.O. Box bundles are divided into four categories:

My Home: with this bundle, residents in villas can get their mail delivered directly to their personal mailbox at their villas. With this convenient service, postal worker will locate "My Home" P.O. Box via GPS and deliver the mail up to 3 times a week. Subscribers to "My Home" get 10% discount on international courier service, weekly SMS notifications on mail received and access their mailbox online. The annual fee is AED 750.

My Building: subscribers to "My Building" have the flexibility of picking up their mail from their personal P.O. Box in the premises of their apartment building. Users receive a weekly SMS notification on received mail, in addition to online access to their inbox. The annual fee is AED 450.

My Zone: users do not need to go far to pick up their mail. My Zone delivers mail to personal P.O. Boxes located within residential areas. Users get weekly SMS notifications on the received mail. The annual fee for My Zone is AED 300.

My Box: this standard P.O. Box service ensures that mails are delivered directly to the private P.O. Boxes at the post office of your choice. Subscribers will also be able to access their P.O. Box online whenever they want. The annual fee for My Box is AED 200.

Even if a subscriber to any of the four bundles moves to a different location within the same emirate, they still can retain the same P.O. Box number.

To find out more about PO Boxes, go to any Emirates Post Office, or