List of Secondhand and Vintage Stores in Abu Dhabi: Thrifting Guide for Expats |

List of Secondhand and Vintage Stores in Abu Dhabi: Thrifting Guide for Expats

Check out the best thrift shops in Abu Dhabi where you can snag secondhand stylish gems and vintage finds

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3 February 2023

Last updated on 29 February 2024
Best thrift stores and vintage secondhand shops in Abu Dhabi

Shop affordable secondhand clothes, accessories, bags, shoes and other unexpected finds at these Abu Dhabi thrift stores.

While you can shop til you drop at any of Abu Dhabi's trendy shopping malls or department stores - for a lot of residents and visitors, buying things that are shiny and brand new is not always the most dirham-friendly option, nor is fast fashion the most environmentally friendly option.

This is where thrift stores and vintage shopping come in. Secondhand stores in Abu Dhabi offer some great bargain finds and unexpected treasures.

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You might stumble across a gently-used summer dress perfect for the season, or score a lovely coffee table for your apartment - you'll never know what you might find!

Here is our list of thrift stores in Abu Dhabi you need to check out.

1. Jamal Kamal Ready Made Garments Shop, Hamdan Street

Hamdan Street in Abu Dhabi is a treasure trove of secondhand clothes and vintage items. Look for stores that have the word 'ready-made', such as Jamal Kamal Ready Made Garments Shop.

List of thrift shops in Abu Dhabi

2. The Luxury Closet

The Luxury Closet is an online UAE-based platform where you can buy and/or sell pre-owned luxury branded bags, clothes, jewelry, shoes, watches, etc. You never know what you’ll find when you browse what's available at this online luxury thrift store.


3. Fashion Rerun

Fashion Rerun is an online Dubai thrift store that also delivers to Abu Dhabi, with a variety of pre-loved vintage, Y2K, and retro pieces that you can get delivered to your doorstep.

Free delivery in the UAE is available for a minimum spend.


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4. Heritage Touch

Thrift shoppers looking for secondhand furniture and other used household items for sale in Abu Dhabi can head to Heritage Touch. Their Mina Zayed branch has some great pre-loved finds.

5. Red Sea Antiques

Looking for antiques in the capital? The Red Sea Antiques shop in Abu Dhabi offers funky thrift finds and features antiques from vintage clocks and old record players to lamps and jewelry boxes.

Thrift shopping in Abu Dhabi

6. Al Youssef Centre, Hamdan Street

Located among the chain of thrift stores in Hamdan Street, Al Youssef Centre is a well-stocked secondhand shopping plaza where those looking to save their dirhams can find pre-owned clothes such as jackets, blazers, scarfs, trousers and more.

7. Ukay ukay thrift stores, Hamdan Street

Dig and ye shall find at the ukay ukay thrift shops in Hamdan Street. Based off the Filipino word 'hukay', which means 'to dig' or 'to sift through', ukay ukay stores in Abu Dhabi typically have piles and piles of clothes where shoppers can sniff out deals from.

These packed stores sell secondhand clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories for both men and women.

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8. Endless

Enjoy guilt-free secondhand designer shopping at Endless, an online thrift store based in Dubai (they deliver to Abu Dhabi!) where shoppers can browse through a rotating mix of well-preserved label pieces. The website also mentions the item's condition, to keep things transparent so you'll know what you're buying.

If you don't want to own, you can also rent items. Got an item you don't want anymore? Endless can sell your item for you, for a commission fee.


9. Shop Retold

Shop Retold is another UAE-based thrift store offering a variety of bargain deals to score, including vintage pieces, fashionable clothes, luxury finds, and even brand-new items. They have three stylish physical stores in JLT, Al Quoz, and Al Rigga, but shoppers in Abu Dhabi can rest easy as the shop also delivers to the capital.


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10. Reems Closet

Reems Closet has been around since 2008, selling secondhand clothes, bags, shoes, wallets, hats, and much more for both men and women. Shop online and have it delivered to your address in Abu Dhabi, or head to their brick-and-mortar thrift stores in Dubai (located in Jumeirah Plaza and Mazaya Centre) where you can shop for both pre-used furniture and fashion in one go.


11. Baazara

Thrifting and buying secondhand in Abu Dhabi has become increasingly popular in recent years, and online shop Baazara lets you list and buy your pre-loved clothes, shoes, or accessories from anywhere in the UAE.

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