How to Register for Abu Dhabi Road Toll |

How to Register for Abu Dhabi Road Tolls

UAE drivers can now sign up online for the new Abu Dhabi road toll through this webpage

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2 September 2019

Last updated on 5 November 2019
How to Register for Abu Dhabi Road Tolls

Drivers with non-Abu Dhabi registered vehicles must pay AED 100 to register

UAE motorists can now register to pay their road tolls while driving in Abu Dhabi. The new road toll system will come into force from Tuesday, October 15 across all toll gates in the emirate.

The decision was made by the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport in an effort to reduce road congestion and help the environment.

Abu Dhabi Integrated Transport Centre set up a dedicated website where drivers can create a toll account.

How to create an account for the Abu Dhabi toll system

  • Go to their website []
  • Create an account using your Emirates ID information, car license plate, mobile number, and e-mail
  • Create an account password
  • Enter your credit card details

Once an account has been made, UAE drivers will be able to manage toll payments through their account's e-wallet. Users are given an opening balance of AED 50.

Drivers based outside the capital or have vehicles registered outside of Abu Dhabi must pay AED 100 to register. However, drivers with Abu Dhabi-registered vehicles will be automatically enrolled in the toll payment system free of charge.

Where are the toll gates in Abu Dhabi

As of now, there are four toll gates in Abu Dhabi, located in Mussaffah, Al Maqta, Sheikh Zayed bridge, and Sheikh Khalifa bridge.

The new road toll in Abu Dhabi functions similarly to the Salik system in Dubai, where drivers are charged every time their motor passes through a toll section.

How much is the toll charge

Drivers travelling through the toll gates will be charged AED 2 during non-peak hours, Fridays, and UAE public holidays.

AED 4 during peak hours (7 AM - 9 AM and 5 PM - 7 PM ) between Saturday - Thursday.

The maximum daily toll is capped at AED 16 per vehicle.

Penalties for not registering

It's strongly advised for UAE drivers to register before travelling to Abu Dhabi, or risk fines.

If a non-registered vehicle travels through any one of the toll gates, the owner must register within 10 days of crossing otherwise they will be fined AED 100 for the first day after 10 days has passed, AED 200 for the second day, AED 400 for the third day, and this will keep increasing to a maximum penalty of AED 10,000.

If your account's e-wallet isn't topped up for a car registered outside the capital, the owner has a 5-day grace period to top up their balance to else an AED 50 charge will apply.

However, if the motor is registered in Abu Dhabi, the owner can pay their unpaid tolls while renewing their annual vehicle registration.