An Iconic Abu Dhabi Hotel Will Be Changing Its Name By 2019 |

An Iconic Abu Dhabi Hotel Will Be Changing Its Name By 2019

If you’re a frequent goer of this landmark hotel in Abu Dhabi, then this name change will shock you

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1 November 2018

Last updated on 1 November 2018
Abu Dhabi Hotel

There are a few hotels in Abu Dhabi that have been there for ages

And they have become more of a landmark than just another architectural building – when they are demolished or amended, it affects the identity of the area.

Sad news for those living in Abu Dhabi.

This is the case of Hilton Abu Dhabi, which will see a name change by the end of the 2018 year.

It seems as if the Hilton management is letting go of its hotel change in Abu Dhabi and reports say that the Al Ain branch will also be affected.

And it has still not been mentioned which hotel management will be taking over the hotel chain in Abu Dhabi at the start of the new year – however, negotiations are in place and with a result to be announced soon.

Confirmed on Wednesday, the Hilton management stated that the management contract was not renewed for the upcoming New Year.

This also means that the staff at the Hilton Abu Dhabi don’t know the fate of their future – as it is unclear what would happen to them once the new hotel management rolls in.

More than just a hotel

It is hard to think that such a landmark will no longer be there as 2019 rolls in, because the building holds a lot of significance to the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The Hilton in Abu Dhabi was opened by the late Sheikh Zayed on May 23, 1973 at the Corniche – making the hotel an existing landmark for over 45 years to this date.

This revolutionary hotel was one of the most important international hotel chains in the UAE as it introduced new concepts into the emirate.

Including new foods, such as the iceberg lettuce, smoked salmon and avocado into the cuisine because of the French-inspired menus of the Hilton hotel in the late years – so much so that the ingredients had to be flown in from London.

Hilton Abu Dhabi also played a massive role in hosting singing legends in the emirate during the 1970s, from international discos, djs and even stars such as the late Tina Turner.

Farwell to an iconic and historic hotel in Abu Dhabi – with more memories to come in the future!

The National/French Embassy - Hilton Abu Dhabi 1971