The UAE Passport Is Now Ranked 7th Most Powerful In the World |

The UAE Passport Is Now Ranked 7th Most Powerful In the World

In just two months, the UAE passport jumped up a rank!

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21 October 2018

Last updated on 13 January 2019
UAE Passport

A special moment for Emiratis all around the world, the UAE passport is now even more desirable

Gaining more power and importance, the UAE passport has made significant moves on the Global Passport Index.

In just two months, the UAE jumped from 8th place to 7th place in the world – making the world’s 10th most powerful passport list.

The Global Passport Index compares passports from around the world in terms of how many destinations can the nationals travel to visa-free – Emirati citizens can fly to 158 countries without ever needing a visa before departing in the airport.

And of those 158 countries, only 47 request visas on arrival.

The index ranks countries around the world according to the number of destinations their citizens can travel to visa-free. It was only last July 9 this year when the UAE entered the top ten rankings and in September 13, it moved higher to secure the ninth position.

And soon the passport is expected to become one of the world’s top 5 powerful passports globally.


The UAE has climbed the list quite fast throughout the years – from 2008, it rose 38 places on the list.

And from 2017, it rose from 130 countries to 158 – a 28 rank jump.

The top 10 passports of 2018

  • 1. Singapore and Germany
  • 2. Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Norway, Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, South Korea and USA
  • 3. Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, Japan, UK, Ireland and Canada
  • 4. Czech Republic and Hungary
  • 5. Malta, Malaysia, Iceland, New Zealand and Australia
  • 6. Slovenia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Slovakia
  • 7. Estonia and UAE
  • 8. Romania and Bulgaria
  • 9. Cyprus and Liechtenstein
  • 10. Croatia and Monaco