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Abu Dhabi Will Host the 2022 Triathlon Grand Final

The UAE’s capital just won the opportunity to host the memorable event in 2022

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18 September 2018

Last updated on 19 September 2018
2022 Triathlon Grand Final

Continuing to attract foreign plans, Abu Dhabi has been given the opportunity to hold the ITU World Triathlon Series Grand Final in the next four years.

Home to the Louvre museum, Ferrari world, Yas Island and more – Abu Dhabi was granted the 2022 Triathlon Grand Final by the ITU. The announcement was made in Australia last week and proves to be a great opportunity for Abu Dhabi.

Back in 2010, the city had already hosted a triathlon and in 2015 it hosted the opening of the triathlon season.

Although the whole duration of the Triathlon will not take part in the city in 2022, the finale is still expected to attract a lot of tourists who will be eagerly awaiting the winner – a champion will be crowned from elite and amateur divisions.

With over 5,000 international and 2,500 local triathletes expected to compete in the 5-day endurance program, Abu Dhabi will definitely be welcoming a lot of tourists and encouraging local participants.

With a growing participation rate of 56% over the years, this fifth edition triathlon will be the largest in the region – marking Abu Dhabi as an established sporting city.

This event is also aimed at encouraging the youths and communities in the region to get active and support local athletes in their efforts to become triathlon champions.

What’s a triathlon?

Basically, a triathlon is a longer athletic race with multiple sport races over the course of three (running, swimming, biking) continuous endurance stages.

What is the length of a triathlon?

2022 Triathlon Grand Final

The length of the race can vary but there are three basic lengths: Swim for 1.5 KM, bicycle for 40 KM, run for 10 kilometers.

What is an average time for a triathlon?

2022 Triathlon Grand Final

On average, a competitor in a triathlon can complete all three endurance stages in around three hours – swimming on average takes 40 minutes, biking takes 20 minutes>/strong>, and running takes an hour.

How long do you train for a triathlon?

2022 Triathlon Grand Final

If you’re already a healthy and physically fit person who is familiar with the three components – swimming, biking and running then factor in around eight to ten weeks of training.

However, if it’s your first triathlon and you’re unsure if your body can handle it then factor in a minimum of 16 weeks of training.

But don’t worry, anyone who’s interested of joining the triathlon has around four years to start training!