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Abu Dhabi Patient Undergoes Complicated Shoulder Surgery and Here's How it Went

A 75 year old patient in Abu Dhabi undergoes shoulder joint replacement surgery after a shoulder fracture

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14 April 2022

Last updated on 15 April 2022
Shoulder joint replacement surgery in Abu Dhabi after shoulder fracture

A 75 year old patient underwent a successful joint replacement surgery at Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital one week after suffering a shoulder fracture that resulted from a fall.

The patient presented at the hospital complaining of pain and restriction of movement in the right shoulder and was seen by Dr. Abdelmagid Eltayeb, Consultant Orthopaedics and upper limb surgeon at Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital.

Thorough investigations showed that she sustained a fracture close to the shoulder joint and was a candidate for reverse polarity shoulder joint replacement.

A two-hour reverse shoulder replacement surgery was performed under general anaesthesia by Dr. Abdelmagid. This technique is considered more complex than a standard shoulder replacement procedure and requires great precision and expertise.

Shoulder joint replacement surgery in Abu Dhabi

"This procedure is one of the most complicated shoulder surgeries, especially when performed on patients who suffered traumatic injuries," said Dr. Abdelmagid.

He continued: "We used special implants which are designed to replace the damaged joint that allow the patient to utilise different muscle groups to help restore the shoulder function.

The implants have an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years.

"The surgery is safe and effective, and its benefits include better mobility, improved quality of life and most importantly pain relief," concluded Dr.Abdelmagid Eltayeb.

The patient was discharged on the second day post-surgery in good health, and started using her hand for minor activities such as eating just two weeks after the surgery. A rehabilitation programme helped restore the shoulder function.

On the last consultation three months after surgery the patient reported she has no pain what so ever and she regained full functional rage of movement at the should.

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Dr. Abdelmagid Eltayed at Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital Abu Dhabi

Dr. Abdelmagid Eltayed
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital, Abu Dhabi

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