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Discover a Non-Surgical Treatment for Parkinson's Disease in Abu Dhabi

Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital in Abu Dhabi uses a new non-surgical treatment to manage Parkinson's Disease symptoms in advanced cases

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12 August 2020

Last updated on 12 August 2020

The non-surgical therapeutic treatment is used to manage advanced Parkinson’s disease symptoms

Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital has adopted a new therapy to manage advanced Parkinson’s disease in patients who no longer respond optimally to oral medications.

This non-surgical therapeutic solution, which has been used in several European countries, uses a pump the size of a smartphone which is fixed on a belt and placed around a patient’s abdomen to help continuously administer a dose of medication called "apomorphine" under the skin. This helps manage motor complications induced by oral medication signals causing Parkinson’s disease symptoms.

A reservoir, which is part of the therapy device, needs to be filled daily and the flow rate is adjusted according to the patient’s case.

"When Parkinson’s disease symptoms are left uncontrolled, it can tremendously impact a patient’s quality of life. After years, as the disease progresses, the benefit from oral medications may become less stable," said Dr. Pierre Krystkowiak, Consultant Neurologist specialised in Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders at Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital.

Therefore, patients start to be bothered again by advanced stages of Parkinson’s disease symptoms which may significantly affect their motor functions causing on and off involuntary shaking and trembling, stiffness and slowness. Patients may also even experience difficulty with walking and doing other basic daily activities," he continued.

Dr. Krystkowiak added, “This new technology gives patients who suffer from advanced stages of Parkinson’s disease a non-surgical solution to help relieve their symptoms and therefore maintain quality of life.”

The pump usually works for 12 hours a day and is removed before going to bed, however some cases may require round the clock treatment depending on the severity of the case.

The pump in question is an innovative, patient-friendly compact device of the latest generation. It offers a number of useful features to patients including an automatic drug filling solution, multiple languages, data storage and does not require complex flow rate calculations.

Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital successfully carried out its first treatment using this innovative technology by Dr. Krystkowiak and it has shown favourable results.

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Dr. Pierre Krystkowiak at Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital

Dr. Pierre Krystkowiak
Consultant Neurologist
Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital, Abu Dhabi

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