Drivers Fill Own Petrol Tanks in Abu Dhabi |

Abu Dhabi Drivers Will Soon Have to Fill Their Petrol Tanks Themselves

You'll soon have to fill your petrol tank yourself in the UAE, or pay a fee to have someone do it for you

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8 April 2018

Last updated on 24 July 2019
Filling own petrol tank in Abu Dhabi

Perhaps one of the perks of living in the UAE is the avoidance of filling up your own petrol tank as a driver. Now however, this luxury is soon to be stripped from drivers in Abu Dhabi - and if they do wish to have someone fill their tank, it's going to cost them extra. 

Unlike in Europe or the United States, drivers in the UAE have become accustomed to sitting in their car while a petrol attendant fills their tank. But now, Abu Dhabi firm ADNOC have plans to roll out a new system that will see drivers fill up their own petrol tank. 

The new system is called ADNOC Flex

ADNOC Distribution is due to roll out their new ADNOC Flex plan by mid-April, which will see drivers provided with three options when it comes to filling their tank.

Firstly, drivers may opt to fill their own petrol tanks at fuel stations in the UAE's Capital, as part of the 'self-serve' option.

For those who don't wish to do it themselves, a premium service will be available, which will result in a small fee to be paid on top of their petrol price. The amount it will cost has not been revealed, however.

As well as the premium and self-serve options, a new ADNOC service called MyStation is currently being tested, which provides customers with the option of having LPG cylinders or fuel delivered direct to their home or vehicle.

Saeed Al Rashdi, acting CEO at Adnoc Distribution, said on Tuesday: “Delivering more choice, service and convenience to customers is at the heart of Adnoc Distribution’s transformation into a more performance driven and customer-centric company.

"With premium and self-serve options at service stations and, over time, a delivery option called MyStation, our fuel customers in the UAE will soon have more choice than ever before.

"This is a major step-change in how we serve our customers. To support a smooth roll out of the new services, we are increasing staffing levels at stations with premium and self-serve options, launching an extensive education campaign and waiving the premium service fee for an initial period while customers familiarise themselves with the new options."