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Abu Dhabi To Adjust Speed Limits During Unsafe Weather Conditions

New speed limits in Abu Dhabi will occur when the weather conditions are unsafe

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8 November 2018

Last updated on 8 November 2018
Unsafe Weather Conditions

Motorists driving in the capital during hazardous weather conditions can feel at ease

The transport authority in Abu Dhabi will be implementing a new rule for motorists in the capital that will see a reduction of speed limits during unsafe weather conditions, it announced on Wednesday.

Abu Dhabi’s transportation authority has passed a new plan to reduce the driving speed to 80km/h when visibility on the roads are less than 200 metres.

In efforts to avoid fatal accidents in already hazardous weather conditions and to make the roads safer – motorists will be advised to slow down by smart towers located on routes throughout the emirate.

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Advising motorists to drive slowly and with caution, special road messages will be displayed on the smart towers during heavy fog and dust storms.

The RoadSafetyUAE has also stated that drivers will be accountable for whatever happens on the roads during unsafe weather conditions and speeding will be penalized by Abu Dhabi’s transport authority through speed cameras.

Drivers are advised to be on alert and increase their attention as visibility decreases and must adhere to the speed limits that the smart towers are displaying in that moment.

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These smart towers are linked to the National Centre of Meteorology and will be changing the speed limits as the weather worsens or gets better.

Where to find these smart towers in Abu Dhabi?

These smart towers have been installed on the roads of Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Street – between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

And Sheikh Khalifa Street.

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However, for roads without smart towers will still have to reduce their speed limits by half and will have to adhere to fixed speed signs to be installed during hazardous weather conditions.