The Cost of Paid Parking for Abu Dhabi Residents |

The Cost of Paid Parking for Abu Dhabi Residents

The change is to help organise parking spaces better, and ensure a smooth traffic flow for drivers

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4 July 2018

Last updated on 13 November 2018
Paid parking in Abu Dhabi 2018

It has been confirmed that paid parking will be introduced across ALL sectors in Abu Dhabi from this August.

The Department of Transport (DoT) announced the implementation as the department urges vehicle owners living in Abu Dhabi to apply for their resident parking permits before it begins on August 18th to avoid fines.

In a statement shared by the DoT, they declared that the change is to help organise parking spaces in the Capital more efficiently, ensure a smoother traffic flow for Abu Dhabi drivers, eliminate random parking and improve overall road safety.

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It also aims to help reduce the time taken to find a parking spot for motorists.

Of course, paid parking isn't a new thing in Abu Dhabi; with the system having been introduced back in 2009, but since and over the years, more and more commercial and residential areas have been converted to paid parking. Now it will be all residential areas in Abu Dhabi.

How much will paid parking cost for Abu Dhabi residents?

For expats and non-nationals living in Abu Dhabi, the annual fee for a residents parking permit is AED 800 for the first permit for a vehicle, which then increases to AED 1,200 for a second vehicle permit.

Abu Dhabi residents also have the option to pay for their parking permit bi-annually - ideal if you have a tenancy contract up for renewal, for example. For this process, the bi-annual Abu Dhabi parking permit costs AED 400 for the first permit, and AED 600 for the second permit.

If you are a UAE national living in Abu Dhabi, living in an apartment, the parking permits for your first two vehicles are free. For a third vehicle, it would cost AED 800 for an annual permit, and AED 1,200 for your fourth vehicle.

For UAE nationals living in villas, the first five vehicles are exempt from parking permit costs. For a sixth vehicle, it will cost AED 800 and for each additional vehicle it would cost AED 1,200.

Paid parking costs for expats in Abu Dhabi:

  • Annual permit for first vehicle: AED 800
  • Annual permit for second vehicle: AED 1200
  • Bi-annual permit for first vehicle: AED 400
  • Bi-annual permit for second vehicle: AED 600

Special conditions for Abu Dhabi parking permits:

  • Permits are issued to the property owner, or tenant, in addition to first degree relatives e.g. father, mother, wife, children, siblings
  • Each permit serves one vehicle, and is valid in the assigned sector within the applicants' residential area only
  • The permit covers the standard parking areas only (turquoise and black colours)
  • They do not offer parking reservation, or guarantee parking availability
  • Illegal parking is NOT permitted at any time
  • Permit transfer is only available for other vehicles that are owned by the same permit holder

How to get your parking permit in Abu Dhabi

If you are required to apply for a new permit ahead of the paid parking implementation in Abu Dhabi on August 18th, here's how you can apply for your permit:

  • Visit a Mawaqif Customer Service Center or the Department of Transport's Customer Service Centre in Abu Dhabi, the Marina Mall branch
  • Fill the application and submit the required documents
  • Pay the applicable fees
  • Receive the parking permit from DoT

The application required for your resident permit in regulated Abu Dhabi parking areas can be found here.