New Parking Rules and Fines for Abu Dhabi |

New Parking Rules and Fines for Abu Dhabi

Changes have been made to existing parking violations and their fines, plus two new rules have been introduced

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12 February 2017

Last updated on 2 January 2018
New Parking Rules and Fines for Abu Dhabi

The good news is, parking regulations have been modified and fines reduced in the Capital for certain violations. The bad news is, there's been two new fines introduced that will see drivers faced with a hefty fine if they break the law. 


As part of its plan to offer only the best services and improve Abu Dhabi's Parking Division (Mawaqif), regulations have been modified for certain violations, the Integrated Transport Centre for the Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport (DMAT) has announced. 

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Whether the reduced fines will deter motorists from violating the rules is unclear, but we've no doubt the reduction is a welcome one for residents living in Abu Dhabi. Especially in comparison to the hefty fines resident's face in the neighbouring Emirate of Dubai. 

So what's changed?

 Parking fines and rules in Abu Dhabi

1. Illegal parking in residential areas will now incur a AED 200 fine, instead of AED 500. 

Plus, cars will only be towed four hours after the ticket has been issued. 

2. Illegal parking in bus and taxi parking bays will receive a AED 500 fine

Which has been reduced from the previous amount of AED 1,000. 

3. Occupying two parking spaces is now AED 200, instead of AED 300.

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4. Using a parking ticket/permit not specified to that parking area will receive a AED 100 fine, reduced from AED 200. 

Alongside the above alterations, motorists now face two new parking violations that have been identified, and they both come with hefty fines. 

5. Using fake parking ticket/permit will face a whopping AED 10,000 fine.

6. Avoiding payment of previous fines will attract a AED 1,000 fine. 

No other changes have been made at this time to any other parking violation fines, but you may find the complete list of Abu Dhabi's traffic fines here for your use. 

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