New Pedestrian Radars to Be Installed in Abu Dhabi |

New Warning Systems for Pedestrians to Be Installed in UAE

Abu Dhabi Police are currently testing a new system in congested areas

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10 January 2019

Last updated on 10 January 2019
Pedestrian radars in Abu Dhabi for safety

The new cameras will help to improve pedestrian safety in the Capital.

Abu Dhabi's Police are currently testing a new system that is expected to help decrease the number of pedestrian-related accidents across the emirate.

The system, which uses a pedestrian radar called "Hather" - meaning "watch out" in Arabic - is due to be rolled out across Abu Dhabi in the near future as Police are currently finalising the trial period.

The first phase of the warning radars will be installed close to schools, followed by areas that are regularly congested with pedestrians.

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According to Abu Dhabi Police, the radars are equipped with two cameras, which work together to scan the vicinity and will notify pedestrians when it is safe to cross the road.

Simultaneously, the device will also alert motorists to stop and give way while people are crossing the road.

If motorists fail to give way to pedestrians, one of the cameras on the smart device will scan the vehicle’s plate number and register the offence with the Command and Control Centre at Abu Dhabi Police Headquarters, Gulf News reported.

Improving safety in school zones

Abu Dhabi Police are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to help improve overall traffic safety nearby school zones in the emirate.

One of the most successful initiatives so far is the yellow card system - which has seen motorists who failed to adhere to traffic rules receive a yellow card as a warning.

Fines for failing to adhere to traffic rules

Motorists are being reminded to halt their vehicles fully when they see a school bus stop sign within a distance of no less than 5 metres, in order to ensure the safety of all students.

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And according to the UAE's Federal Traffic Law, failure to follow the stop sign of school buses can result in a AED 1,000 fine and 10 black points.

The law also includes a fine of AED 500 and six black points against school bus drivers who fail to open the stop sign.

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