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WATCH: A Shocking Tailgating Video Released By The Abu Dhabi Police

Driving too close to another car can result in serious consequences

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19 November 2018

Last updated on 24 July 2019

Tailgating another car is an ongoing issue in the UAE

So much so that the Abu Dhabi Police released a shocking video to show the consequences of not leaving an appropriate amount of space between cars on the road.

The video was posted on Abu Dhabi Police’s social media channels to remind motorists in the capital and around the UAE to avoid tailgating the vehicle in front of them.

It was posted on Sunday on Instagram and Twitter with the #YourComment initiative and shows a car almost flying mid-air and almost flipping after a sudden traffic build-up on a highway in the UAE.

The #YourComment initiative, which was launched several months ago, aims to increase the conversation between motorists in the UAE and hopes to spark a safe space to speak about rules and regulations.

The conversation already sparked up several topics, including reasons behind accidents in the UAE, the loss of lives in traffic accidents and the dangers of breaking traffic rules in the country.

It also aims to increase the awareness of motorists in the UAE roads to drive safely and abide by the rules to avoid any avoidable catastrophes.

Abu Dhabi police reported that more than 80% of motorists in the UAE state that videos like this that are released on social media have a much more lasting effect on them – because it actually reveals the consequences of reckless driving in the UAE and the real consequences of doing so.

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