You No Longer Need to Struggle to Find a Petrol Station |

You No Longer Need to Struggle to Find a Petrol Station

We're sure drivers will love this useful new tool on their smartphone

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27 June 2017

Last updated on 27 June 2017
You No Longer Need to Struggle to Find a Petrol Station

All drivers are familiar with the gut-wrenching feeling when the petrol gauge turns red.

But now, thanks to a newly updated app from ADNOC, drivers in Abu Dhabi will no longer risk running low on fuel... Especially when none of us want to face the fine that's enforced if we break down due to no gas. 

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Abu Dhabi's recognisable petrol station provider, ADNOC Distribution, have recently updated their application to be more user-friendly, useful and somewhat of a life-saver when it comes to finding petrol stations. 

Now you can easily find the nearest petrol station to you in Abu Dhabi. 

Simply download their free app, and with their petrol station finder tool, you'll no longer need to drive around aimlessly looking for a station. Especially when - and we can all appreciate this - Abu Dhabi is a pretty large place, with long roads and few U-turns. 

Not only that, but app users can also login to their ADNOC Smart and Rahal accounts, use the top-up facilities and tailor their dashboards. Plus, there's also online payment tools and you an view your payment history. The app also allowers customers to manage their ADNOC Wallet. 

You'll also be able to use their interactive map to find Vehicle Inspection Centres, lube change locations, car wash facilities and fast food outlets. 

To download the app for yourself, visit Google Play and the App Store now.