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5 Ways to Fail at Impressing Your Interviewer

If you’re on the job hunt in Abu Dhabi, make sure you don’t do these mistakes.

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11 June 2017

Last updated on 15 June 2017
5 Ways to Fail at Impressing Your Interviewer

With very high competition and a tough market, it’s crucial now more than ever for candidates to make sure they stand out throughout the whole job hunt process. During the interview stage, job seekers should do their best to leave a lasting impression.

Here are some common things that causes you not to be shortlisted for the next process.

1. Lack of preparation

Without a doubt, employers here will expect you do have researched the company. You might be asked questions concerning what you know about the company, why you want to work for them and why you’re the most suitable candidate for that particular role. If you cannot provide adequate answers to these questions, the interviewer will simply interpret it as lack of interested and preparation.

Employers want to know that you’ll fit in with the company culture and mission. Your answers will give them insights into that and make you stand out from other equally qualified candidates.

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2. Showing a negative attitude

Your attitude will play a huge role on the impression you leave and can have a significant impact on the decision whether to move forward with you or not. A negative attitude is basically a big red flag for employers. This could come in many forms, including badmouthing your previous manager or company, being defensive or aggressive and giving off an uninterested demeanour.

Employers won’t want to hire someone that will bring on bad attitudes in the company, so be vary of that.


3. Lack of enthusiasm

A sure way to flunk an interview is to display a lack of interest in the company and its brand. Giving the generic answers that show no thought is certainly not the way to land a job. You have to convince your interviewer that you’re passionate about their company and its mission because that passion will translate into your work.

4. Being vague or dishonest

Textbook answers won’t get you anywhere. Your interviewer will be able to tell if you’re being evasive. While you should keep the conversation positive and not discuss all the things you hated about your previous job, you should still be real. Your employer is trying to get a sense of who you are and if they can’t, it won’t be in your favour.

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5. Not providing clear enough reasons why you

If you’re unsure of why you’re the perfect candidate for the job, then neither will your employer. You have to highlight your skills and competencies that show what you’re bringing to the table. Explain what sets you apart and how you’ll be able to add value to the company. Remember to give clear examples to back up your claims. It’s always good to think of these before the interview so that you can naturally discuss them when relevant.