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Abu Dhabi Is Getting Its Very Own Plastic Manufacturing Zone

A dedicated park for plastic manufacturing

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7 January 2019

Last updated on 7 January 2019

It will produce only plastic items and products

It was announced that Abu Dhabi’s Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi has launched on Sunday.

Nicknamed as “Kizad,” this Polymers Park is going to become a manufacturing hub for all plastic production in the capital of the UAE.

By being a dedicated base for everything plastic, this Abu Dhabi-based plastic park is said to produce 300-400 kilotonnes of plastic products every year.

And create 7,000 new jobs in the employment market.

Kizad will produce plastic products including consumer products and vehicle parts – as it was pointed out that plastic is in virtually everything from cars to infrastructure to products.

The Polymer Park is in line with the UAE’s plan to increase manufacturing capacities in the country with a focus on the petrochemical sector.

The UAE is also attempting to keep manufacturing capabilities – for plastic and other elements – inside the country and export the finished products.

Strategic location

Kizad’s Abu Dhabi location near the Khalifa Port is a strategic, cheaper and efficient spot that will help export finished plastic products and add to the product creations in the UAE.

And the plastic polymer park is not only a plastic manufacturing hub but it is also thinking of the consequences on the environment.

Plastic manufacturing and plastic recycling will be available at Kizad.