First Abu Dhabi Bank Customers Wrongly Charged AED 175 Interest Fee |

Double Check Your Bank Statement If You Use This Bank

Residents have been wrongly charged an interest fee due to system error

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8 January 2019

Last updated on 8 January 2019
by Rebecca Roberts
UAE residents wrongly charged bank fee

Do you bank with this particular bank? We recommend you check your statement...

You may have seen complaints recently on social media from customers of the UAE's First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB).

Most, if not all, took to their online profiles to share their unhappiness at being wrongly charged by the bank in the last few days.

It turns out, FAB had accidentally wrongly charged some customers interest fees - AED 175 to be exact - but thankfully, those affected will soon be paid back.

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The error was the result of a 'system issue', and the bank has assured that all affected customers will be repaid with the exact amount, Gulf News reports.

Charges will be reversed, a spokesperson for FAB confirmed. Customers that have been affected will be contacted directly.

For any FAB customers, we urge you to double check your statement and if you notice you have received a charge of AED 175 to contact the bank's customer service team ASAP to help them resolve the problem and issue a refund.

What to do if your bank wrongly charges you

Without a doubt, your first step should be to reach out to your bank directly - via telephone would be the quickest. If that fails, head to your nearest branch to speak to a bank employee to raise your concern.

What we advise against is taking to social media to share your annoyance.

We say this only because the UAE has strict defamation and slander laws in place - which means, even if a company has wronged you, YOU would be in the wrong to call them out for it online.