Blocked In? Now You Can Let the Driver Know About It |

Blocked In? Now You Can Let the Driver Know About It

A new app in Abu Dhabi now lets you anonymously contact another driver who may have blocked your car in or are parked in your spot

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17 January 2017

Last updated on 18 May 2017
Blocked In? Now You Can Let the Driver Know About It

Do you struggle with the daily battle of pesky drivers using your space near your home or office? Or do you often return to your car to find that someone has blocked you in and is nowhere to be seen? 

Now, thanks to Abu Dhabi Police's new smartphone application, you can actually inform the owner of the car that they are in fact... Causing an issue. 

Blocked in parking abu dhabi

As well as the other 30+ services that are accessible on the app, this one has to be the most innovative so far. And will definitely come in handy for drivers who are faced with difficulty getting in or out of their designated space. 

We're not 100% sure how it works, but we can imagine it's as simple as entering the registration license place of the car in question into the app. It is anonymous, we know that, but whether the receipient needs the app or receives an SMS, we're unsure. 

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The option can be found under the 'Innovative Services' option under the main menu, and is titled 'Vehicle Blocking Report'.

So next time you find yourself blocked in, or someone else parked in your space, refrain from letting your blood boil. After all, now you can let them know about it and resolve the situation nicely and calmly! 

What else is on the app?
The services available range from viewing and paying your fines, to monitoring your road speed, to replacing a lost or damaged driving card to even booking your first driving test! Not only that, but there's also options to find the nearest service centre to you in the Emirate.


We'd love to know if you've actually used the Vehicle Blocking Report yet, and if not, do you think it will be useful to use in Abu Dhabi?