Two Youtube Megastars Are Coming To Abu Dhabi |

Two Youtube Megastars Are Coming To Abu Dhabi

You can play against two YouTube megastars, Miniminter and Syndicate, at the Middle East Games Con in Abu Dhabi

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30 September 2018

Last updated on 3 October 2018
Middle East Games Con

If you’re a fan of all things gaming related, then you already know how exciting this news actually is for people living in the UAE.

For three days of gaming challenges and high-impact entertainment, you can actually play against the best YouTube gamers in the world.

The British stars, Miniminter and Syndicate, are flying into Abu Dhabi’s National Exhibition Centre for the sole purpose of meeting (and possibly challenging) their biggest fans in the Middle East.

For the duration of the Middle Easy Games Con, Miniminter and Syndicate will first battle it out against one another on stage – you can actually witness their gaming techniques live on stage.

They will then play against members of the public and some local influencers – and it could very well be YOU!

From Thursday, October 25 till 27, the two YouTube megastars will be welcomed on the region’s most anticipated gaming event alongside regional pro game teams – Nasr Esports, Voice Actors of Mercy, Geralt of Rivia, Lucie Pohl and Doug Cockle.

So expect some expert level gaming and intense moments throughout the three day event.

Middle East Games Con 2018 Details

About Miniminter


Starting out as a regular appearance on KSI's sketches, Miniminter grew his own channel from a few subscribers and quickly became one of the most viewed FIFA YouTubers in the world.

He is known for his insane football skills on the pitch and in the game and will be showcasing these acquired skills at the event.

About Syndicate


Syndicate is probably at the top of the most popular gamers on YouTube – ranking in over 12 million subscribers and more than 2.5 billion views on some videos.

He has also worked with many international brands to create his very own mobile game called Zombie Killer Squad, which has more than 100,000 daily users.

More exciting things

If that one of a kind experience doesn’t get you excited, Middle East Games Con has more to offer this year – it’s the region’s only space for gamers to unleash their passion.

Dressed as their favourite cosplay characters, expect the gaming culture to be true to its form with over the top designs and nerve-wrecking entertainment options that will get your competitive nature up and running.

You can be a part of cosplay shows, gaming workshops, game design, limited edition games, gaming tournaments and much more!

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