Venomous Sea Snakes May Be Spotted in UAE Beaches, EAD Warns |

Venomous Sea Snakes May Be Spotted in UAE Beaches, EAD Warns

The Environment Agency in Abu Dhabi released a warning for sea snakes in the UAE, commonly spotted during this time of the year

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11 October 2021

Last updated on 27 October 2021
UAE sea snakes warning 2021

Image credit: The Environment Agency, Abu Dhabi

Every year there are reports of sea snakes sighted across the Emirates' waters.

Before you panic, know that sea snakes in the UAE are mostly reluctant to bite.

The Environment Agency in Abu Dhabi tweeted a cautionary notice about venomous sea snakes, or bogni, that are often spotted swimming in the Emirates' shallow coastal waters.

"Abu Dhabi waters are home to sea snakes, known locally as 'bogni'," the tweet read.

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These sea snakes inhabit open and shallow waters, coral reefs and beaches in the UAE. During this time of the year, when temperatures in the water begins to drop, some residents may spot these creatures out in the open and panic.

Fortunately, sea snakes are not aggressive by nature and if disturbed, they are more likely to slither away than attack you.

What should I do when I find a sea snake in the UAE?

Earlier in September, an expat resident in Dubai came across a sea snake while walking in the emirate's beaches. He recorded himself picking up the sea snake with a pole. Please avoid doing this.

If you happen to find a sea snake while in the UAE, you don't have to be afraid as there are few venomous snakes species in the UAE, and deadly, fatal cases are extremely rare. But you must continue to stay cautious.

Here are some tips if you spot a sea snake:

  • Avoid playing with it, chasing it, or approaching the sea snake.
  • Ensure that all pets and children are removed from the sea snake's surrounding area.
  • Do not engage with it. Contact a UAE pest control company immediately or call Dubai Municipality at 800 900 to report the snake.
What to do when you find a sea snake in the UAE

What should I do if I get bit by a sea snake in the UAE?

In the rare chance that you are bitten by a sea snake in the UAE, try to stay calm.

You must rush to the nearest hospital as some bites from sea snakes can prove to be fatal, and you may not know which type of snake bit you.