Courses for Women in Abu Dhabi |

Courses for Women in Abu Dhabi

If you're a new expat in Abu Dhabi, or you're simply an #ExpatWoman seeking a new hobby, skill or craft... Look no further!

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14 September 2015

Last updated on 28 May 2017
Courses for Women in Abu Dhabi

We've rounded up a selection of short courses, clubs and even jobs for women living in the UAE's Capital. Expect everything from fashion to interior decorating, painting to crafting, jewellery making to hairdressing, languages to blogging and everything inbetween...


  • Expat Clubs & Societies

    Expat Clubs & Societies

    Here we have a big list of all the clubs and societies that there are in Abu Dhabi. Whether its an old or new hobby you're looking for or that taste of your home land it's here.

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  • Education in Abu Dhabi

    Education in Abu Dhabi

    Looking to throw yourself back into education? It's never too late! Find lots of information about the education system here in the UAE's Capital, and let us help you make your decision.

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  • Jobs in Abu Dhabi

    Jobs in Abu Dhabi

    Are you looking for a job in Abu Dhabi? Then this is the section for you. We have lots of jobs specifically for women in lots of industry sectors and you will find a new career for you.

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  • Abu Dhabi Coffee Mornings

    Abu Dhabi Coffee Mornings

    Want to find a great event to go to or an ExpatWoman coffee morning in Abu Dhabi? You're in the right place! We hold weekly meet ups especially for you- we'd love to see you there!

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  • How to Build a Successful Book Club

    How to Build a Successful Book Club

    While there's lots of different styles of book clubs, with members from all over the world, sometimes it's important to keep in mind a few rules when setting one up and successfully keep the effort going. Do you want to know the secrets on how to do so, too?

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  • Blogging for Beginners: Mistakes to Avoid

    Blogging for Beginners: Mistakes to Avoid

    Having your own blog is great fun, and an ideal experience for anyone who is a budding writer, or photographer, or fashionista, or chef... But there are some mistakes you should avoid in creating one. If you're thinking of starting your own, you might find this helpful!

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  • 7 Things Every Blog Should Have

    7 Things Every Blog Should Have

    There are thousands, upon millions of blogs out there on the Internet. But you'll find each and every one of them may have the following 7 predominant aspects in their design to ensure they give their audience the best user experience possible.

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  • Words and Phrases to Help You Learn Chinese

    Words and Phrases to Help You Learn Chinese

    Before travelling to an area in China, it is a good idea to learn essential Chinese conversational words and phrases to get you ready, and help you avoid any awkward and potentially frustrating situations.

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  • Try Something New with Quilting

    Try Something New with Quilting

    The process of quilting uses a needle and thread to join two or more layers of material to make a quilt. Typical quilting is done with 3 layers: the top fabric or quilt top, batting or insulating material and backing material.

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