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Teacher Recruitment Will Be Easier Thanks To New Abu Dhabi System

A new digital system will help to reduce the time needed to recruit teachers in Abu Dhabi

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17 October 2018

Last updated on 17 October 2018

Good news for teachers that are making their way to the UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi

Finding a job as a teacher has just gotten easier in Abu Dhabi thanks to a new system, which was showcased at this year’s GITEX exhibition.

Announced by Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) at Gitex, this is said to fast-track and boost the recruitment of teachers around the emirate.

The new digital system will reduce the time it takes to hire teachers in private schools.

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Called The Private Abu Dhabi Schools System, or PASS for short, it will help teachers and private schools reeducate the recruitment time by almost half – previously by 60 days to a maximum of TEN days!

PASS will also ease the transfer of teachers from one private school to another in Abu Dhabi – a win-win for schools and teachers overall.

The new digital software is said to reduce the time and boost requirement by eliminating lengthy paperwork requirements in the emirate – instead, the system just checks if applicants are eligible to work as teachers in Abu Dhabi by meeting the requirements.

PASS then verifies the eligibility and skillset of the teacher for available positions in private schools in the emirate - it can also determine if a person is eligible for a particular position in specific.

How does PASS work?

Teachers from inside and outside of the UAE can apply to enter the system with their skill set and experience and get their “eligibility check.”

Then APP checks if they meet the requirements, policies and rules that govern certain position at schools in Abu Dhabi – if they meet the ADEK’s requirements.

If deemed eligible, then PASS will match them with a compatible and suitable position in Abu Dhabi.

How will PASS help?

More often than not, teachers from abroad make their way to the UAE in hopes of finding a better job.

They may travel from hundreds or thousands of miles to the country, only to discover they are not eligible for work in the country.

Therefore, PASS aims to help teachers, who are looking to move to Abu Dhabi, find a suitable role before making the move. And to help private schools find the right candidate they need for the academic years.

Teachers in Abu Dhabi can use PASS to find jobs, but they can also use it to resign, transfer schools or to request for promotions.

And schools can renew their license through the app in just a few steps.

Requirements of PASS

For teachers:

They must upload a police clearance certificate, university transcripts and degrees.

For schools:

Schools must upload school licenses and accreditations.