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Three Things That Make A Good Teacher Stand Out

A good teacher should set your child up for life and not just for the classroom...

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2 October 2018

Last updated on 2 October 2018
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Sending your kids off to school every day and hope for the best isn’t enough nowadays…the learning cycle doesn’t stop in the classrooms.

As children grow up, they become sponges that want to absorb as much information as possible – and from everyone around them, especially someone they perceive as a guidance figure.

Teachers are more than just informative human beings, they are role models and models – they set the path your child will continue on and give valuable life lessons that will shape your children.

But the bigger question is what makes a teacher, a good teacher? The answer to this really depends on what a good teacher means to you and what you want your child to grasp the most while at school.

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For some parents, a good teacher is someone who is bubbly, chatty and encourages the children to do better and achieve better things inside and outside of the classroom.

While for others, a good teacher means someone who gets down to business and who can properly pass down the right knowledge for the child’s development in the classroom.

However, here are 3 actions that can truly make a teacher stand out.

1. Teachers should create a connection

Teaching is more than just academics – while properly teaching the academics is very important, teaching your children life skills inside the classroom is also very important.

Teachers should always try to make a connection with their pupils – by finding out what each pupil is good at, what they’re not good at and tapping into that to essentially bring out the best in them.

This is extremely important as teachers become the third parental figure inside the parameters of the school.

Parents are absent from whatever goes in during school hours, so the teacher’s connection with the child should be that of a caring nature because it needs to be able to fill the gap and make the child comfortable.

2. Teachers should inspire

As much time as your child may spend outside of the school, a child’s dreams and aspirations are essentially shape-shifted within the walls of a classroom.

As they attend school for the next 12 years of their lives, they will develop the skill set and knowledge needed to possibly pursue a dream of theirs – and they might even get inspired by the teacher themselves.

Teachers should always find ways to encourage and inspire the children to pursue what they’re good at or find out a hidden talent they never knew they had – they should awaken the children’s curiosity about the world and themselves.

3. Teachers should be knowledgeable

Being a teacher is not just a 9 – 5 job at the end of the day, gaining new knowledge is something we all do on a day-to-day basis and it doesn’t stop when you become a teacher.

There are constantly evolving teaching methods and new findings in each subject, which is why the teacher needs to be knowledgeable and up to date in their areas of expertise.

Gaining new knowledge can sometimes change the perspective and approach the teacher can go about teaching in a classroom – what doesn’t work once, shouldn’t be chucked out of the window. Instead, teachers should find new ways to go about finding a solution.

Children never stop learning in the classroom and teachers should never stop learning outside of the classroom.

Being a teacher is no easy job, especially when it’s to multiple children in a classroom.

This is why parents should always appreciate the works that teachers do while they’re away – because teachers are the biggest aspect to student achievement.