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Abu Dhabi to Welcome the Middle East’s Biggest Reptile

Move over King Croc, your crown is going to be taken by a seven-meter-long python that will soon be a UAE resident...

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10 July 2019

Last updated on 22 July 2019
Jazz-Inaya Hamilton at ExpatWoman
by Jazz-Inaya Hamilton
National Aquarium at Al Qana, Abu Dhabi

For all the reptile lovers out there, we have some exciting news...

A massive seven-meter long python is coming to Abu Dhabi. Yes you heard that right, seven-meters long. And it will be a permanent resident at the new National Aquarium at Al Qana, Abu Dhabi.

Currently, King Croc, who is at the Dubai Aquarium, is the biggest reptile in the Middle East, reaching a staggering 5 meters. However, the title will soon be stripped from him and given to the hand-reared python.

Paul Hamilton, General Manager of The National Aquarium talks about some of the details for the new aquarium. When 2020 arrives and opening day comes, it will be the biggest aquarium in the middle east, you can expect to find 300 different species, 35,000 different creatures all split between ten different zones.

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Paul says "We have a few key creatures that will get a huge amount of attention. We are talking both large and unique, charismatic and aggressive. Guests will also encounter a species that has an enormous reputation for being dangerous. We’ve also expanded the exhibits to go into never-done-before areas. Some might break records but we’ve been careful to maintain the integrity of the journey."

With 10 different environments, guests will move between a variety of sections such as jewels of Arabia, a Red Sea shipwreck, a submarine in the Mediterranean, areas like the Amazon and the Pacific and right through to the big tank at the end. Creatures ranging from one centimeter to seven meters will be found there.

"It will have double the exhibits and double the animals of its direct competition, there will be so much to see and experience", Paul Hamilton states.