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Where to Go Roller Skating in Abu Dhabi From Parks to Rinks

Whether in-line or roller blading, novice or expert, we round up the best places in the capital for roller skating

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21 June 2022

Last updated on 23 June 2022
Places in Abu Dhabi where you can go roller skating

Residents, get ready to roll!

In Abu Dhabi, you'll find a variety of skate-friendly routes, family-friendly rinks, and other roller skating venues for all ages and varying skill levels.

Whether it’s in-line skating or rollerblading, outdoors or indoors, get ready to get your heart pumping and those endorphins flowing in the UAE's capital.

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Here is a great list of where to roller skate or roller blade in Abu Dhabi.

Editor's note: Opening dates and hours for some locations may change. We recommend checking the websites or calling their customer service for updated information.

1. Rolling Wheels

With locations across Abu Dhabi, this family-friendly, indoor roller skating rink is a great spot for beginners. They also offer children's classes for those looking.

Best places to go roller skating in Abu Dhabi

Image credit: Rolling Wheels

2. Roller Skating Club

In addition to roller skating, this established roller skating club in Abu Dhabi also offers professional trainers, classes, and activities for roller skating, roller hockey, skateboarding. Equipment is also available for rent.

Where to go roller skating and skateboarding in Abu Dhabi

3. The Corniche

One of the most picturesque places in Abu Dhabi, the Corniche is also a great place for outdoor roller skating when the weather gets cooler or if you're looking to soak up some sunshine.

Corniche's dedicated cycling path is smooth and even, perfect for cyclists, skaters, and those on scooters.

Roller skateparks in Abu Dhabi

4. Corniche Skatepark

For skaters looking for a bit of challenge, the Corniche Skatepark offers a smooth outdoor skating area with rails, ramps and other obstacles.

We recommend this spot for experts, or hobbyists who want to practice new tricks.

Where to go roller skating in Abu Dhabi

Image credit: Abu Dhabi Film Commission

5. Masdar Park

For more ideas on where to go roller skating in Abu Dhabi, try Masdar Park.

Located in the sustainability-focused Masdar City, the Al Mamsha trail at Masdar Park is 5.6km of smooth, even ground, perfect for skaters.

List of places to go roller skating in Abu Dhabi

6. Reem Central Park

If you live closer to Reem Island, they have a local skateboard park that features a dedicated zone for skateboarders and roller-skaters.

Where can you go roller skating in Abu Dhabi

7. Al Wathba Bicycle Track

While the Al Wathba Bicycle Track is a popular spot for cyclists, the even grounds and 16-km route also makes it a good spot for speed skaters or for residents looking for a long, unbothered stroll on wheels.

Where to go roller skating in Abu Dhabi