Price for Covid-19 Tests in UAE Slashed to AED 180 |

Price for Covid-19 Tests in UAE Slashed to AED 180

The price for the PCR nasal swab test dropped down once again for several Abu Dhabi hospitals

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24 September 2020

Last updated on 28 September 2020
Price for Covid-19 Tests in UAE Slashed to AED 180

It's the second time the UAE coronavirus test fee dropped in September

Hospitals and clinics across Abu Dhabi announced a new reduced cost for Covid-19 tests, as part of the ongoing efforts to lower the infection rate and to encourage residents, citizens, and visitors to be more proactive with their medical screenings.

The new price for a Covid-19 test is now AED 180 for several hospitals in Abu Dhabi, as well as Seha, which manages all government-owned healthcare centres in the emirate.

The DoH circular stated: "Please note that the cost of the PCR test is updated and shall be covered by the individual directly, with a maximum amount of Dh180 for cases with no symptoms or medical indication for testing."

A PCR nasal swab test in the UAE was initially AED 370, but the price was slashed down to AED 250 earlier this month.

Some health insurance providers in the country provide an additional discount off the test.

The tests remain FREE for those presenting strong symptoms, people who have or who live with someone who has chronic illnesses, UAE nationals, and anyone who is 50 years old and above.

At the time of publishing, UAE health officials recorded 1,078 new Covid-19 cases, 882 recoveries and two deaths.

The total number of confirmed cases in the country now stands at 90,618.

79,676 have recovered since the outbreak reached the country.

The Covid-19 death toll is now at 411.