Shocking Video Of A Car Almost Colliding Into A School Bus |

Shocking Video Of A Car Almost Colliding Into A School Bus

New fines have been put in place in Abu Dhabi to avoid reckless drivers from injuring children on school buses

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11 October 2018

Last updated on 14 October 2018
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Every parent’s worst nightmare is hearing something bad happened to their little one, which is enough of a reason for drivers to drive safe around school buses.

A video released by the Abu Dhabi Police on social media shows the shocking moment a reckless driver missed colliding into a school bus by just a few seconds.

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The driver is seen driving two lanes away from the bus until realizing that the service road exit is upcoming, which is when the driver recklessly changes lanes and swerves to make the exit.

This forced the school bus driver to make an emergency stop to avoid a collision.

No one was reported injured due to this, however, the driver of the car has been penalized.

By almost endangering the lives of the children on the bus, the Abu Dhabi Police hope that this video will remind drivers in the emirate to always drive safely around school buses.

A police campaign was released due to this and it warned motorists to take extra precautions around schools and school buses.

Often motorists neglect traffic rules with the idea that their actions cannot be traced back to them – however, there are several cameras on traffic lights and around schools to prevent incidents such as these and expose serious violators.

Police in the UAE are always warning against reckless driving and bad road behaviour to reduce accidents and minimize the number of lives lost because of this.

In early September, the Abu Dhabi Police added an AED1,000 fine and 10 black points to drivers who ignore the stop signs on school buses – in response to a reckless driver hitting a young child that was stepping out of a school bus.

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