Five Ways to Let Out Your Inner Gamer at Games Con 2018 |

Five Ways to Let Out Your Inner Gamer at Games Con 2018

If you thought last year was full of options, wait till your inner gamer sees what’s in store for this year!

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3 October 2018

Last updated on 4 October 2018
Games Con 2018

PSA: All gamers based in the UAE, have to head on over to the Middle East Games Con for the ultimate gaming fun this month.

If you were lucky enough to head on over to last year’s Games Con in Abu Dhabi, then you’ve experienced the region’s largest and most exciting gaming convention.

And if you didn’t, don’t feel blue – it’s coming back this October and is calling on all gamers to unite together and enjoy everything gaming related.

Here’s a quick snippet of what you might’ve missed last year…but don’t worry we’ve compiled the ultimate list of everything you can do this year to let out your inner gamer.

Caution: you’re about to witness lots of fun, costume and gaming MADNESS!

5. Gaming Exhibition

You know that memorabilia that you were searching for in the UAE but couldn’t find? Well, you’re just in luck because the gaming exhibition at the ME Games Con is full of all your favourite gaming accessories.

And that’s not all so make sure to bring your wallet with you because you’ll find limited edition EVERYTHING – from limited edition consoles, unreleased games, retro arcades and so much more!

This is your chance to stock up on all the cool gaming accessories that your heart desires and to impress your friends of course.

4. Cosplay Catwalk

There has never been a better opportunity to dress up as your favourite character ever. This is your chance to get that costume out of the closet and rock it on stage. And the best part? You’ll be in the draw to win amazing prizes.

So bring your favourite character to life, dazzle the audience and show them what you’ve got!

3. Anime Zone

Calling on all manga lovers – this one’s for you! There’s a whole area dedicated to all things anime at this year’s Middle East Games con.

Immerse yourself in the Japanese culture by exploring Japanese calligraphy, traditional sword fighting, Japanese art and food.

There will also be an exclusive showcasing for a Dynamic Samurai Sword fight performed by none other than Katanayaichi, so expect a jaw-dropping performance.

2. League of Legends

If you’re the ultimate League of Legends gamer, then this one should be easy. You can get the chance to show off your acquired gaming skills at this game for a chance to go global.

Becoming the undefeated League of Legends gamer at the ME Games Con and Red Bull Player One will actually take you to Brazil to compete in the Finals!

1. Gaming celebrities

You’re definitely going to fan girl at this one – get the chance to take a selfie with your favourite YouTube idols, get pro tips from the gaming megastars and even record your own from famous voice actors.

And if that’s not dazzling enough – you can even PLAY against two Youtube megastars, Miniminter and Syndicate at this year’s ME Games Con!

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