Meet Abu Dhabi's Best Bloggers |

Meet Abu Dhabi's Best Bloggers

To help give you a more on the ground insight to life in Abu Dhabi, we've picked our top Abu Dhabi bloggers for you to follow.

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21 June 2016

Last updated on 28 May 2017
Meet Abu Dhabi's Best Bloggers
We've selected some of the best and most interesting blogs we've come across about living in the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi. From family life, to reviews, to food and travel, all offer a unique and different view into Abu Dhabi's cultural and expatriate lifestyles. 
If you yourself are an ExpatWoman living in Abu Dhabi, and you have a blog to share and add to this list, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll considering including you here. There's one rule, of course: we don't accept blogs of a commercial nature, and will only pick those that suit our website.

We hope you enjoy our top picks of Abu Dhabi bloggers as much as we do! 

  • Lizzy Of Arabia

    Lizzy Of Arabia

    Meet Lizzy, a lady who moved from Olympia, WA all the way to the United Arab Emirates. She's now sharing this interesting chapter of her life in Abu Dhabi for all to read, and has dedicated her blog to her new home in the UAE, including all of the trials and tribulations. Enjoy reading about her journey and things to come in a very honest way.

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  • Sweet Life in the Sandpit

    Sweet Life in the Sandpit

    Sweet Life in the Sandpit is a comprehensive site on great findings in the UAE, brought to you by Mizra. She's a mother, an American and a wife to a local Emirati man. As a family, they enjoy new activities, different foods and travelling the world. Check out what it life is like as an American girl living in an Emirati world, with a few reviews thrown in along the way to help.

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  • Tori's Adventure

    Tori's Adventure

    Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Tori is documenting her life after uprooting herself and her daughter in 2012 to move to Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates. She's not only exploring life her, but sharing her adventures along the way that you can follow on Tori's Adventure.

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  • The Quantified Expat

    The Quantified Expat

    Meet Peter, a family man who moved to Abu Dhabi from the Uk to start his new life with them. He set up The Quantified Expat in order to share news and their lives with family, friends and anyone else that may be interested in living in Abu Dhabi. Follow his adventures, his tips and his musings for a men's perspective of what expat life is like in the UAE.

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  • Arabian Notes

    Arabian Notes

    Lindsey is a Scottish lady who lives in Abu Dhabi. She's been based in the UAE for a decade now, and absolutely loves life here. She started out in Dubai, but made the great decision to relocate to the UAE's Capital, and since aims to share her passion and interest for life in the UAE via her blog, Arabian Notes. Expect reviews, things to do, her thoughts on life and culture, travel within the UAE and more.

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  • Abu Dhabi Adventures

    Abu Dhabi Adventures

    With posts spanning back to 2010, Renee has certainly built a brilliant blog full of information, advice, tips and experiences that are interesting to read for any expatriate woman, whether in Abu Dhabi or beyond. Expect lifestyle posts, with a few travel pieces here and there and in-depth posts about the capital of the UAE.

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  • A Canadian in Abu Dhabi

    A Canadian in Abu Dhabi

    Ann has been sharing her life in the sandpit since 2008... That's almost a decade of first hand experiences, advice, thoughts and tips on what life is like in the capital of the UAE. Her insights into Abu Dhabi are ultimately priceless, and we're sure you'll gain some brilliant information out of her posts before embarking on your life here.

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  • Allison Overseas

    Allison Overseas

    Allison Overseas is a fashion and lifestyle blog based in Abu Dhabi. It was recently launched in 2016, and has since served as a great platform for finding luxury style, beauty, arts and cultural inspiration in the UAE for expats. Expect beautiful, romantic and dream-worthy images, snippets and insights into Allison's life and life in the UAE.

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  • Life in Abu Dhabi with the Watson Family

    Life in Abu Dhabi with the Watson Family

    Since 2014, Swedish mother of two, Mrs Watson, has documented and shared her's and her family's life living in the capital of the UAE. She's been living abroad since 1992, having previously lived in Brunei, and so she knows a thing or two when it comes to expatriate living. Follow her Abu Dhabi adventures and read her stories today!

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