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14 Facts About Saudi's New Jeddah Tower

Everything that you need to know about the soon to be tallest building in the world

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25 October 2017

Last updated on 25 October 2017
14 Facts About Saudi's New Jeddah Tower

It has been delayed numerous times, but it is slowly but surely making progress and Saudi Arabia is thrilled. The Kingdom will soon be home to the new tallest building in the world that is set to be completed in 2019.

Here are 13 facts that you need to know about Jeddah Tower:

1. There will be 439 apartments in the Jeddah Tower, 200 hotel rooms and 2,205 parking spaces.
14 Facts About The New Jeddah Tower

Image Credit: Jeddah economic Company

2. The tower will contain 80,000 tons of steel and parts of the core will contain several meters thick concrete.

3. The Jeddah Tower is going to have 167 habitable floors, and a total of 252 floors. There are also two underground floors.

4. The building is supposed to represent the image of a new palm about to spread its fronds. The design is also aerodynamic while simultaneously maximizing the usable area of the building.

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5. Some of the foundation piles can reach up to 360 feet in length and are about 10 feet in diameter.

6. There will be a balcony on level 157 that was intended to be a helipad. This will be the world’s highest observatory deck.

7. The building will have 12 escalators and 59 elevators, five of which will be double deckers. None of them will run straight from the bottom of the building to the top.

8. You will have to change elevators three times to reach the top of the tower.

14 Facts About The New Jeddah Tower

Image Credit: The Skyscraper Center

9. The elevators will run at 10 metres per second (slightly over 35 km/h). Going any faster could cause nausea because of the change in air pressure.

10. Low-conductivity glass and a high-performance exterior wall system will reduce thermal loads and help minimize energy consumption.

11. The building is so tall that it doesn’t realistically fit into one rendering.

12. The tower has shaded patios along the sides that will have breath-taking views of the Red Sea and Jeddah.

13. Jeddah Tower is going to be the centre piece of the Jeddah Economic City. The city will have luxury hotels, office space, shops and restaurants.

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14. The tower was originally known as the Kingdom Tower but then later renamed to the Jeddah Tower.