Are Dashcams Legal in Saudi Arabia? An Expat Guide |

Are Dashcams Allowed in Saudi Arabia? An Expat Guide

Thinking of getting a dashcam for your vehicle in Saudi Arabia? Here's what you must know first

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15 June 2021

Last updated on 23 June 2021
Are Dashcams Allowed in Saudi Arabia? An Expat Guide

We take a look at what dashcams are, why it's becoming popular in KSA, and what the law says about using dashcams.

If you're an expat in Saudi Arabia and looking to ply the kingdom's busy streets and expansive regions, a dashcam would be a worthwhile investment for your car.

The country has one of the highest incidents of road fatalities around the world, despite its continuous investment in road infrastructure. The rates of traffic accidents and road crashes can be a concern for many expats who drive and are not used to Saudi Arabia's road network.

Here is what you need to know about using a dashcam in Saudi Arabi.

What are dashcams and why are they so popular?

Dashcams are dashboard-mounted cameras, and most can record in 180-360 view. Many drivers around the world install dashcams in their vehicles to gather evidence in case of traffic accidents, road violations, theft, fraud, etc.

If you're ever in a difficult situation or got into a roadside accident in Saudi Arabia, a dashcam will help provide evidence for insurance claims and to safeguard you from legal trouble. As a result, dashcams are growing in popularity with drivers.

It also enables motorists to capture footage of drivers whose reckless actions can put citizens and residents in danger.

Are dashcams allowed in Saudi Arabia

Are dashcams legal in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, dashcams are allowed in Saudi Arabia. There are currently no local laws that prohibit the use of dashcams.

Automated speed cameras are also used in major Saudi cities to catch road violations. In fact, several of these caught-on-camera violations are shared with official social media platforms of the traffic department through the official Twitter account (@eMoroor) and public security account (@kamnapp).

Where to buy dashcams in Saudi Arabia

You can buy dashcams at most major electronics stores and supermarkets in the kingdom. They're also available for purchase online.

Dashcams are available for as low as SAR 50 and can go up to the hundreds for high end versions.

What you're not allowed to do with dashcams in Saudi Arabia

Taking a recording of someone in Saudi Arabia can be a criminal offense under certain circumstances.

Expats must be very careful when filming others on the road as they could be criminally liable. Recording someone on the road and posting the footage on social media with the intention to defame or degrade the traffic law violator can result in a fine.

Lawyer Mohammad Al-Atiyah told Arab News: "No person has the right to post such images on social media."