Top Ladies-Only Beaches in Saudi Arabia for a Private Beach Day |

A Guide to Family and Ladies-Only Beaches in Saudi Arabia

Have an enjoyable day out in the sun and sand with our list of Saudi Arabia beaches that are exclusively for families and women

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7 May 2024

Last updated on 8 May 2024
Women and family-friendly beaches in Saudi Arabia

Our favourite places for some secluded sun and sand fun in the beautiful kingdom.

Particularly during the cooler winter months, there's no denying Saudi Arabia's charm for weekends spent at the beach. Bordering the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea, the kingdom has plenty of wide and welcoming beaches for that steady drip of Vitamin D and outdoor fun by the shore.

If you're looking to enjoy a day out at the beach with your close female friends or family members, but want some privacy, then we've got you covered with our list of ladies-only beaches in Saudi Arabia, along with private beaches and swimming pools that offer entry exclusive for women and kids.

1. Naxos Bay Women's Beach Jeddah

For uninterrupted privacy, Naxos Bay Women's Beach in Jeddah is an exclusive spot where ladies can enjoy a relaxing time basking in the sun, sand, and shores.

The beach is open from 9:30AM until 6PM daily.

Women-only beaches in Saudi Arabia | Naxos Bay Women's Beach Jeddah

Image credit: Naxos Bay Women's Beach

2. Loopagoon Ladies Private Beach

If you want an enjoyable day out at the beach but with ultimate privacy, check out the Ladies Private Beach located in the family-friendly waterpark, Loopagoon.

Dedicated only for women and young children, this glimmering private beach is separated from the rest of the waterpark and features shaded seats and sunbeds. There is also a refreshments stand offering fresh juices, fruits, snacks, and other treats.

Access to the Ladies Private Beach is free with your Loopagoon entry ticket. You can book tickets online or at the venue.

Ladies-only beaches in Saudi Arabia | Loopalagoon Ladies Private Beach

Image credit: Loopalagoon Waterpark

3. La Masion D’ Obhur Beach Jeddah

La Masion D’ Obhur is one of the best women's beaches in Saudi Arabia; as ladies can expect a lavish and stunning seaside escape by the tropical beach or near the pool.

Open from 10AM and closes at 6PM, Mondays to Saturdays (the beach is closed on Sundays).

Please note: Free entry for kids below 10 years old. Each mother is allowed to bring a maximum of two children only.

La Masion D’ Obhur Jeddah | Ladies-only beaches in Saudi Arabia

Image credit: La Masion D’ Obhur Beach

4. Le Pont de Lamitie Jeddah

Head over to Le Pointe de Lamitie in Obhur Alshamliya, Jeddah, for a fun beach day just for women. Although this is a ladies-only beach in Saudi Arabia, the padel court is open for both men and women.

The beach also provides some exciting water activities including canoes, jet skis, and more. You can choose to take a dip in the waves, or relax at their large pool.

Entry is SAR 230 per lady, with the beach gate opening at 10AM until 6PM (last entry at 1PM).

5. Ladies Private Beach and Pool at Dana Beach Resort

Not only can ladies enjoy a 100% private women-only beach in Saudi Arabia at the gorgeous Dana Beach Resort, visitors can also relax and rejuvenate at the ladies' spa.

Offering secluded serenity, the resort's ladies beach has chaise lounges, gazebos, and cabanas, along with a refreshments stand.

There are also two exclusive swimming pools just for women and their kids, with an exciting water slide for a thrilling day out with the family.

Ladies and kids-only beaches in Saudi Arabia | Dana Beach Resort

Image credit: Dana Beach Resort