Vehicle Registration and Renewal in Saudi Arabia |

Vehicle Registration and Renewal in Saudi Arabia

Find out how to do your vehicle registration and renewal in Saudi Arabia including information for Jeddah and Riyadh

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26 September 2013

Last updated on 7 June 2018
Vehicle Registration and Renewal in Saudi Arabia

When you buy a car in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia you will have to register it. The car registration is also called Istemara. If you are buying it from a dealer they should be able to take care of the registration process for you. If you are buying it second hand from a private individual you will be able to process the registration at the showroom. Registering your car for the first time is relatively simple.

Renewing the Istemara

Renewing the Istemara is a process requiring three steps. If the vehicle is registered under your name you will be able to renew the registration at any traffic police center (also known as Moroor).

Step One: Car Insurance

According to traffic law in Saudi Arabia each and every vehicle must be insured. Normally car insurance is valid for a period of one year. Make sure that your car is insured before you go to the Moroor to renew your car registration as renewal without valid insurance is impossible.

Step Two: Technical Inspection by Certified Center

If you have a new car, or one that is less than three years old and in excellent condition, obtaining a Fahas (vehicle inspection report) should not be a problem. However if you have an older vehicle take it to a mechanic before you take it for the inspection. The mechanic will be able to fix any bits and bobs on your car. The mechanic should make sure that the following parts of your car are functioning in a proper working order:

  • Headlights
  • Brake Lights
  • Parking Lights
  • Indicators
  • Light Beams
  • Horn, Wipers
  • Wiper Rubbers
  • Regular Brakes and Hand Brake
  • Visible and Prominent Damage to car
  • Wheel alignment
  • Wind Screen cracks and visibility issues
  • Back View Mirrors
  • No Black Smoke or huge smoke from Car silencer
  • Oil Leakage
  • Damages under the Vehicle.

Once you have consulted a mechanic, take your car to the vehicle testing center. If it fails the test take it back to the mechanic, the center will give you a reason for the failure and you will be able to fix it. Once the car passes the tests you can register it with the Traffic Police.

Step Three: Car Registration

Bring the following documents to the vehicle registration center:

  • Copy and original of your Iqama
  • Copy and original of the expired Istemara
  • Copy and original of the MVPI

If everything is in order you should be able to renew your Istemara immediately and be issued with a new card.
You can also renew your Istemara online by clicking HERE>>