Ancient Art From Saudi Arabia At The Louvre Museum In Abu Dhabi |

6 Ancient Art Pieces You Would Never Guess Originated From Saudi Arabia

There’s lots of rich history from the region…

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17 December 2018

Last updated on 17 December 2018
Ancient Art

From the Sahara deserts to the Arabian kingdoms

The Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula is a region rich with history and stories of the past.

Most artworks originated under the reign of various emperors under the Islamic Empire and it covers a wide array of artistic style – from shape, form, texture, type, colours etc…the list is endless.

And let’s not forget that there were a wide variety of locations under the empires, as well as, different cultures living harmoniously with one another.

While some were experts in ceramic works, others in paintings, some in textiles and calligraphy – there is a beauty when it comes to Arabian artwork.

Also, artwork from this region has been shaped by various artistic movements and vice versa…lots of artwork with recognizable Arabic and Islamic detailing have been found in Europe.

As part of the “Roads of Arabia” exhibition at the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi, the popular attraction in the capital of the UAE is showcasing several ancient art pieces dating back to the BCE era in Saudi Arabia.

Here are a few of the items on display:

1. Gold burial mask

Dating back to 1-100 CE in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, Thai, Tell al-Zayer.

2. Lihyan King Statues

Carved from red stone and dating back to 3,000 years ago in Saudi Arabia’s Al-Ula region.

3. Head of a man

Made from cast bronze and dating back to 100 BCE-200 CE in Saudi Arabia’s Qaryat al-Faw region.

4. Door to the Kaaba

Dating back to the year 1355 in Saudi Arabia’s Mecca.

5. Key to the Kaaba

Made from bronze and gold and dating back to 1402, this key was found in Saudi Arabia’s Mecca.

6. The Holy Quran

Dating back to as early as 800 years in Saudi Arabia’s Mecca.

7. Inscriptions

Pic 1: Dating back to 203 BCE and written in Nabataen
Pic 2: Dating back to 400-500 BCE and written in Dedanitic
Pic 3: Dating back to 500-1000 BCE and written in Lihyanite
Pic 4: Dating back to 30-1 BCE and written in Old South Arabic
Pic 5: Dating back to 100-1 BCE and written in Sabaic