Guide to Visiting the Tabuk Mountains in Saudi Arabia |

Why You Should Visit the Majestic Tabuk Mountains in Saudi Arabia

Known for its picturesque valleys and enthralling mountain peaks, here's everything you need to know about visiting Saudi Arabia's Tabuk mountains and region

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6 November 2019

Last updated on 6 November 2019
Why You Should Visit the Majestic Tabuk Mountains in Saudi Arabia

In contrast to most of the kingdom, the region experiences snowfall during the winter season every year

The Saudi Arabia Tabuk Mountains is a series of great, towering tops offering Saudi residents and visitors heaps of opportunities for outdoor exploration. Located in the Tabuk territory of northwestern Saudi Arabia, the region is home to over 15 mountains offering plenty of chances for hiking, camping, photography, picnics, and to learn about KSA's sprawling biodiversity.

Those looking for active attractions away from the main cities can choose to go to Tabuk for island hopping along the glimmering coast or to dive in the waters and discover aquatic life. But for land-loving visitors, the adventure lies in climbing up its mountains.

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Ahead, we've compiled your handy guide on how to get there, what to see, and what you can expect when you visit the Tabuk mountains of Saudi Arabia.

How to get to the Tabuk mountains

You can reach the Tabuk province from Medinah through a near-7 hours-long road trip, or via airplane to Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Airport - Tabuk's only international and domestic airport.

What's there to see in Tabuk

The Tabuk province in Saudi Arabia is the site to some of the kingdom's most prominent natural and historical features, such as the sandstone formations, volcanoes, coral reefs, and varied mountains. Historically, Tabuk was home to an ancient oasis, was part of the old frankincense road, witnessed epic battles and stories of prophets mentioned in the Islamic holy text, and currently draws regional and international attention for its ancient rock art.

What is the weather like in the Tabuk mountains

During the warmer seasons, trekkers and campers are treated to the Tabuk Mountain views of stunning green and rocky landscapes, while the mountain becomes blanketed in frosty white snow during winter.

List of mountains in Tabuk

Jabal al Lawz

Jabal al Lawz is the highest mountain located in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia near the border to Jordan. Named as the "mountain of almonds", the area's summit is at 2,549-metres above sea level.

The site hosts several archaeological features such as an ancient quarry, ancient rock depicting historical drawings of extinct bovines, and it's also said to be the mountain where the Prophet Moses lived for 10 years with his father-in-law as well as where he brought the people who fleed Egypt.

Jabal Maqla

One of the tallest mountain peaks of the Arabian Peninsula, the Jabal Maqla is elevated at around 2,326

Jabal Umayyid

Located near the Jordan river, above the Gulf of Aqaba.

Snow in Tabuk Mountain Saudi Arabia

Photo credit: BeYaar

Jabal Ferwa

Jabal Ferwa rises at 1,030-metres above sea level.

Jabal al Qalom

The Jabal al Qalom mountains near Tabuk is at 2,367-metres high.

Jabal Umm Hayfā'

Also located near the border of Jordan, the Jabal Umm Hayfā' mountain in Tabuk is one of the tallest peaks in the Arab Peninsula.

Jabal an Nukhaylah

One of the highest mountains in Saudi Arabia with an elevation of 1,410 metres and prominence of 232 metres in the Levant Ranges.

Jabal Shar

Best visited during the month of March for the pleasant weather, the Jabal Shar mountain in Tabuk Saudi Arabia is 1,950 metres above sea level.

Jebal Ad-dhahr

Located near the town of Haql, Tabuk. It has a height of 1,828 metres above sea level.

Oasis in the Tabuk mountains in Saudi Arabia

Other, smaller mountains in Tabuk include...

  • Jabal Thagheb
  • Jabal Harb
  • Jabal Watad
  • Jabal Ash-Shyati
  • Jabal Al-Juhayyir
  • Jebal Ad-Dubbagh