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Driving From the UAE to Saudi Arabia: What Residents Can Expect

Every year, hundreds of UAE residents take a road trip to Saudi Arabia to see family and friends or for Umrah

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25 October 2023

Last updated on 26 October 2023
Can I drive from UAE to Saudi Arabia by car?

If this is your first time, here is what you can expect. Plan ahead!

While some UAE residents choose to travel to Saudi Arabia by plane, others opt to drive from the emirates to visit the kingdom, see friends and loved ones, attend events, or for Umrah.

If this is your first time making the trip by car, or if it's been some time since you last did a drive from the UAE to Saudi Arabia, this quick and handy guide features some things you can expect on your journey to the Ghuwaifat border.

What is the Ghuwaifat border?

Al Ghuwaifat border connects travellers going to and from the UAE-Saudi Arabia via a key road crossing.

What is the Smart Land Borders Crossing system?

With the Smart Land Borders Crossing system, motorists entering Saudi Arabia from the UAE no longer need to get out of their car to get through border checks.

Instead, travellers must have their cars registered under their names. To pass through the first barrier, the car number plate will be scanned. Afterwards, officials will scan the travellers' passports, UAE Emirates ID, and biometrics or facial recognition to allow visitors past the second barrier and enter the country.

Driving from UAE to Saudi Arabia for Umrah by road

Are UAE residents allowed to enter Saudi Arabia by car?

Yes, UAE residents are allowed to travel into Saudi Arabia by car, provided that they have a valid visa to enter the country once they reach border control and their car is registered under their name.

How long does it take to drive to Saudi Arabia from UAE?

If you're coming from Dubai, it can take around 4 hours non-stop to drive from the UAE to Al Ghuwaifat at Saudi Arabia's border.

If you count in rest stops, food breaks, traffic, and gas refills, you can expect around a 5-hour drive.

What do I need to present at the border?

If you are not a Saudi citizen or resident, you may be asked to present a valid visa to be granted entry through the Ghuwaifat border.