Saudi Arabia Just Built Its First Ever 3D Printed House |

Saudi Arabia Just Built Its First Ever 3D Printed House

It will be open to view in just 5 days!

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8 November 2018

Last updated on 27 December 2018
3D Printed House

Huge news for the real estate market in Saudi Arabia

Interested buyers and renters in Saudi Arabia who are on the lookout for the next hot real estate property to own – get your chequebooks out.

Saudi Arabia just revealed its first ever 3D printed house in Riyadh on Tuesday.

The house, built by a Dutch tech company called CyBe, is located in the Housing Ministry land west of King Khalid International Airport.

The 3D house hopes to bring new and innovative construction techniques to Saudi Arabia and bring a variety of housing options for residents.

As well as, bring environmentally friendly options for interested landlords and renters in the Kingdom.

It was built by 3D printing several layers and then placing them on top of each other until they reached the final shape of the house.

Interested buyers and renters will be able to view the innovative 3D villa house in five days in Saudi Arabia.