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An Abu Dhabi Film Is the First Arab Film Aired In Cinemas Across KSA

The comedy film will be played in cinemas across Saudi Arabia

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11 November 2018

Last updated on 13 November 2018
Screengrab: YouTube - Shabab Sheyab

Good news for movie fanatics in the Kingdom

A GCC film from Abu Dhabi became the first Arabic movie aired in cinemas across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Premiered on November 8, the comedy film Shabab Sheyab (The Elderly Friends) produced by Image Nation Abu Dhabi, broke an unprecedented move in KSA.

The film was first released in Riyadh and will be premiered in Saudi Arabia’s neighbour, the UAE, on November 17, while available to the public on November 22.

The Elderly Friends is a story about four elderly friends played by GCC actors Saad Al Faraj, Marej Al Halian, Mansoor Al Feeli and Salloum Haddad, a Syrian movie star.

Shabab Sheyab’s storyline goes a little something like this:

  • One of the elderly men wins a huge fortune
  • The friends embark on an adventure in Dubai
  • They experience life-changing situations

First premiered at the Palm Springs International Film Festival back in January, the movie received great reviews for its main themes of family, friendship and self-discovery.

Saudi Arabia’s cinematic future

Saudi Arabia ended a 40-year ban on cinemas in the Kingdom earlier in 2018 and is now on the road of a prosperous cinematic future.

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The Kingdom is in the process of opening up an additional 350 cinemas across the country – and a total of 2,500 cinema screens by the year 2030.

The 2030 vision of Saudi Arabia aims to increase entertainment options in the country and bring in a new revenue stream for major companies around the world into the Kingdom.

It hopes to add more than 24 billion dollars to Saudi Arabia’s economy and create 30,000 jobs by then.