How to Report Noisy, Rude, or Disruptive Neighbours in Saudi Arabia |

How to Report Noisy, Rude, or Disruptive Neighbours in Saudi Arabia

Dealing with difficult neighbours while living in Saudi Arabia? We've got you covered in this guide

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7 March 2024

Last updated on 11 March 2024
How to report noisy and disruptive neighbours in Saudi Arabia

It's time to bring back some peace in your neighbourhood...

Neighbours... you either love them, are neutral about them, or just hate them. Some of us are lucky and win the neighbour lottery by getting lovely and friendly people next door, but some aren't as fortunate.

If you find yourself living with noisy, disruptive, or rude neighbours while in Saudi Arabia, there are a few ways you can deal with this problem.

How to report noisy neighbours in Saudi Arabia online

Not all homes in Saudi Arabia are created equal - some are built with walls too thin that you'll hear every bang and shout next door. This is unfortunately normal, especially in older apartments.

However, if your neighbour is consistently loud where you can hear them screaming, playing music or TV at high levels, or are constantly making a racket, it's possible to file a complaint against loud neighbours on grounds of public nuisance.

How to report loud neighbours in Saudi Arabia

You can submit a complaint online through the GOV.SA official website.

To file a complaint online, first you will need to have a valid mobile number and a registration on Balady.

How to report noisy neighbours to the police

If the neighbours are making a concerning racket, residents can also report the issue to the local police in Saudi Arabia. You can contact the police by dialing 999.